Mics during online matches


Let’s face it, fighting games aren’t cooperative and don’t really require team coordination, so the mic basically ends up being a way to shit on your opponent most of the time. Then again, I’ve had a few precious moments where the other guy was talking to himself and it increased the hype because I could hear him trying to clutch out a win and basically going through what I was going through. But for every moment like that, I have ten guys freestyle rapping, telling me I’m a scrub-ass nigga who should kill myself, or playing music over a 5 dollar microphone. So you know, pros and cons. Is talking to your opponent during an online match in poor form? Is it just an extension of shit-talking during local multiplayer? Is popping off and general asshattery an integral part of the FGC? Is microphone support during online matches even necessary or does it just detract from the experience?


Not at all. It just makes things a bit more interesting and lively.

I don’t follow?

Not integral, but yes (unfortunately).

It’s only necessary if you want to interact with friends and/or seek on getting some advice from a fellow player.


almost always it’s just someone listening to shitty music, or me hearing the game sound repeated on slight delay as it goes out their speakers, into the microphone and then back to me. no thanks.

I do enjoy when it’s two friends playing, and after I destroy the guy playing, his friend makes fun of him. “wow you are really awful” - some guy’s friend, 2016


I usually don’t have my mic on unless it’s against someone I know/cool with…it’s noisy where I live.


At least I’d rather listen to a shitty 5 dollar mic Skype conversation version of some generic RnB song than the dude trying to freestyle rap. The time a dude got super hype about my Riptor (“This dude got fight, though! He’s not goin’ down easy! He gon’ come back! This dinosaur don’t wanna go extinct, son!”) was really fun, though. Also, the time a Scottish dude started cursing at me for being “too good to be level 7”. Like, dude, I just started playing this game on PC! I’m levelling up as fast as I can!

But most of the time it’s just a dude on a shitty mic he forgot to turn off, or someone who just enjoys being a dick. I don’t really see the point in having mics on as a default option in most fighting games. If it’s online training mode, I get it. Thank god for instant mute buttons, though.