Mid-Air 2-in-1 Hurricane Kick For All Shotos?

I was just watching one of DSPs videos and I came across this one match where he fought Damdai.


Damdai is using Ken and there are multiple instances where he does a jump-in with a punch immediately followed by a hurricane kick. Is this technique available to all Shotos, or is it just exclusive to Ken?

And as for actually executing this, is it just simply doing a jumping punch followed by the Hurricane Kick motion very fast?

I’m surprised you didn’t find this by searching the Ryu, Ken, or Akuma thread. (You did search first, right?)

Ryu, Ken, and Akuma can cancel any jumping punch and the first part of jumping straight up roundhouse into the aerial Hurricane Kick. In Akuma’s case, this also means he can cancel those same moves into his Aerial Hadoukens. This technique was first made famous by Ken, who can absolutely destroy a cornered Sagat by “juice” HKing him to death. (See the TZW Vol.7 Combo FAQ.)

I think we can close this thread now. :slight_smile:

Check this Ken combo out in this video it’s Gnarly!

(Combo at 1:32)


Holy frigging crap. That’ll do it. Thanks for the link and the info. I seriously need to go into training mode and try that out.

Ryu, Ken, and Akuma can do this. However, it’ll only hit if you’re Ken. With Ryu and Akuma, you’ll just hear the hurricane kick come out but it won’t actually hit them.

Too bad. Then I guess the only viable alternative for Akuma would be to do it with the aerial fireball.

It builds good meter even if it doesn’t hit though :smiley:

Exactly. I almost always cancel into hurricane when I land Ryu’s jump MP juggle off the last hit of the juggle. Free meter’s not a bad deal in today’s economy :wgrin:

You just blew my friggin’ mind!! Genius.

Why doesn’t it hit with Ryu or Akuma?

Go into training… it has a hitbox. But it doesn’t hit??

^^Cuz the startup is too slow. If you do j.punch > Air Tatsu with Ryu or Akuma on a blocking opponent, the Tatsu will start too slow and will be cancelled by the landing animation. If you hit an opponent out of the air with j.punch > Air Tatsu, the Tatsu will whiff as the opponent will be “invincible” after the j.punch until landing aka reset.

Crap, I never knew that ryu/akuma version build meter even though it never come out.

Can’t you land a j.:p: XX Air HK on taller characters with Ryu and Akuma? I’m sure you could do it if you hit them on the way up…and certainly if they’re cornered in that situation.

Not that this would be practical in a fight or anything, but isn’t it possible given they can combo into the HK from a light attack?

^^If I remember correctly, yes it does work only on a standing Sagat in the corner. Only if the j.punch is done at the peak of the jump will it combo with Ryu and Akuma. A super early j.punch > Air Tatsu will connect, but not combo IIRC. But I don’t think the j.punch > Air Hadoken can ever combo.

Ok…I can get with that.

Ruh!!! Ryi don’t know about that, Raggy!

Was the startup of the Air Hadouken given more frames for HDR? Otherwise, it comboed like a charm in Vanilla ST. I can’t remember how many times I’ve gone crazy with j.:hp: XX :lp: Air Hadouken before following up with a juggle combo of my choice.

It just wouldn’t be practical to combo into an Aerial Hadouken in HDR because of the bounce he does while recovering.

Okay… What exactly is the motion that you go through to do it successfully? I just tried it in Training Mode for like an hour doing: j.Punch --> Hurricane Kick or Air Fireball motion (REALLY FAST) and it just won’t come out. I assume the motion for the special move is inputted either during or after the hit of the jumping punch right?

Two things.

  1. Jumping Jab can only be buffered if you hit with it right at the start. If you Jump and Jab right away and land on the enemy with the Jab, it cannot be Buffered. So you can only do Jab as late as possible to Buffer it, just like most ground-based buffers.

  2. The EASIEST way to do this, actually, is to do :qcb: + :lp:, :k:. Hit the kick button IMMEDIATELY after hitting Jab.

  • James

Wow, I never even thought of that! Awesome advice bro.

Alright, I’ll try that as well, thanks!

It’s not that it’s too slow.

Go and try it! Hit high and cancel into hurricane. You can plainly see that the first kick animates, but it just doesn’t hit. It passes right through them.