Mid-Cities Thread (Midland-Odessa) Now with BarFights!


demon’s soullllllsssssssssssssssssss


i’m currently playing megaman battlenetwork 1 trying to get all the chips and fight bass god i love this game.

anyways my to play pile consists of
blix the time sweeper
dragon quest 8
thief deadly shadows
enchanted arms
xeno saga
sly cooper
zack and wiki
zelda 1+2
arc rise fantasia
darkcloud 1+2
fatal frame 2+3
silent hill 4
custom robo
zone of the enders 2
persona 4
ivy the kiwi
final fantasy 13
tales of the abyss
tales of vesperia
radiata stories
grandia 2+3
red steel 1+2
baten kaitos
shadow hearts


don’t play ff13 lol.


Ummm ya games. I have them.

Its all about Startropics.
Lollipop Chainsaw is fun. I like it haven’t had an experience like it since viewtiful joe. Short and sweet with good replayability.
Mario golf, F-zero X, Mario Tennis. Good multiplayer games.

I have piles I guess but I generally play my singleplayer games until I am done. Except for Zoda’s Revenge, Uncharted 2, Dmc3, and FF8. They are all packed up though.

Right now its SFxT, Lollipop, Mario Tennis and F-zero X. Mario golf is around but I just got done unlocking stuff. So mostly SFxT.

David most of those games listed on your thing are like rpgs probably lasting 80+ hours… geez. See you in 6 months but by then your new list is gonna be filled with disgea, star oceans, and some other FFs.


I think I figured out the most annoying team to fight in SFxT.



So I was reading Fist of the North Star and I was like holy shit its Gill


And it made me think of all the other characters in the Street Fighter universe that look like rip offs of manga characters.

Akuma looks like Nosferatu Zodd from Berserk.


Guile looks like Rudolph von Stroheim from Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure.

Rose looks like Lisa Lisa from Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure. She even uses her scarf the same way. I swear Roses ultra 1 is ripped straight from a panel in the manga.

And Dictator looks like Washizaki from Riki-Oh

Theres probably more but these are the only ones I noticed from the mangas I’ve read.


i don’t see it


Yuda is such a homo, all he can DO
Is dick ride the best character in the entire series.


ya starfox characters have metal legs

Edit: my bp is up to 6600. Yay Im beating A ranks!!!


You accidentally a word.

Also the TV is here and my dad is looking to come home within a couple of weeks. EVO at my house is a go.


yooooooo found myself in the brackets lol… even though I can’t go, it’s still pretty damn fun finding myself
in the same pool as 801 Strider and Mr. Kof in AE2012. http://shoryuken.com/evo2012/brackets/ssf4_e11.html

SFxT… I’m in the same pool as Arturo Sanchez, and 801 Strider AGAIN? lol : http://shoryuken.com/evo2012/brackets/sfxt_k24.html

I couldn’t find myself in MVC3 :frowning: I’ll give it another look. NVM FOUND IT: http://shoryuken.com/evo2012/brackets/mvc3_h10.html just a bunch of would’ve-been dead bodies


Also, I can bring my Laptop and connect it with HDMI. It can play 1080p if it’s available, so yeah, you won’t havta move your desktop around?


yay more bad news i fucking wrecked my car because i’m an idiot. front end looks fucked their car doesn’t look like i even hit them.
it runs my dad says it looks like so far it’s just the radiator that needs to be replaced plus body work.
so i wont be able to go to animefest anymore good bye money.
at least it isn’t as bad as my first wreck.
may post pics later


Damn that sucks dude :confused: If you need bumper work or whatever, one of my closest friends makes that shit look easy. He can also paint if necessary, just lemme know


my car is kinda low and their vehicle was high so my bumper is alright my hood however is the one that took the shaft after hitting them from the back.
does he do any other sorts of body work?


He might, I’ll ask


He said he has to look at it, I’m asking him right now when his next day off is.


alright thanks


Are you off available thursday? I’m off, and my friend is off


Playing ur DS in the car huh??

Sry I couldn’t resist. That sux…