Mid-Cities Thread (Midland-Odessa) Now with BarFights!


alright thanks


Are you off available thursday? I’m off, and my friend is off


Playing ur DS in the car huh??

Sry I couldn’t resist. That sux…


i’m only off on fridays and saturdays :confused:


wut time you go in?





not only is this guy just sight reading he’s also improvising while he does


So the highest stream quality for evo will be 720p but it has to be payed for. I don’t mind covering that at all, and again, my laptop has gdlk video output + HDMI port to any tv with it. :smiley:


Sounds good. how much for 720p? Also my comp is already hooked to the tv through hdmi, but your laptop probably runs better than my '06 desktop. We’ll try out both.


Iono, like 12 dollars iirc.


When is Evo anyways this weekend next weekend???


Weekend after.


so what does everyone think about all this infinite tech?

personally i am loving it


shit is gay and you’re very homosexual for loving it.
But I’m a Strider/Vergil player though, I got loopz what do I care


I say every charcter in marvel needs infinites. Bring back the THC glitch!!! KFC FTW!!!

Anyways on a curious note. I keep practicing my combos you know and I get bored and switch to some other combo which ends up screwing me over on timeing later on. Anybody got some kind of feng shui when doing combos to make it less boring when reptition is key? Just wondering.

Headphones and music arent cutting it… Maybe I need a book on tape? Hey I could learn spanish and get my combos into my muscle memory at the same time.

Sus combos son débiles. ¡Fuera de mi casa!


Listen to a podcast or a livestream. Maybe of like a tournament or something. Archives, even. Old EVO’s for example. I do this occasionally, it helps a lot.
Or I just listen to stuff like these



I would pick music I think would suit a combo video well… then practice the combo over and over and find where it fits perfectly at a point of the song ( even if you’re not making a video, just something fun to think about).
I used to make videos, and I’m one hell of an editor. I’m certified in Adobe programs like Photoshop/Premier/Aftereffects thanks to some special classes I took during school… I should have the certificate somewhere, but yeah. I do wanna make more videos…




Arthur rules and Super Ghouls N’ Ghosts is so much fun.



you guys mad


so is there gonna be any alcohol when we watch evo?
if so we should have a drinking game for it.
like say everytime someone shoryuken fadc ultras
or someone makes a come back from 20 percent health
or someone gets perfected

someone should help me add on to this list


Yes. There will be alcohols.