Mid-Cities Thread (Midland-Odessa) Now with BarFights!


No pressure.


HA does you tv have pip (pictures in pictures) we can have our own setup in the corner of the screen!


Yes tv have pip. Tv good. Pip good for watch tv.









fucking love Cyberconnect2’s art style.


Jonathan Joestar… Jotaro Joestar… Gyro Zeppeli…

Everyone go read JoJo’s right the fuck now


Hmm I might just do that. Includes steel ball run as well. I dont know much about jojos but isnt that in the future or something??

Edit: alternate universe. I wonder where I could read it on the net?


the most important question is will i be able to WRRYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY



So they also announced a new JoJo’s anime as well. Finally Japan is paying attention to the better mangas.


YO so what we doin and when? i’ll have my laptop ready just incase and im about to buy the evo channel subscription ( we can use it on any pc as long as we log in to my account)


Saw and me already bought the subscription, we watched Floe play I Wanna Be the Guy Gaiden for like 3 hours.

Pools start at 8am but I don’t think we are getting together till around 5


Fucking awesome. Jojo is such a great manga, I can’t wait for this shit.
I’m gonna main Joseph


I watched that shit all the way through… my gut and cheeks hurts so bad


I just watched the teaser trailer for the anime. It has Jonathon in it so I’m hoping it will be a long series covering the entire manga.


I read about Half of phantom blood. Duo is A fucking bastard.



Stupid auto correct on phones.


Oh man Jojo’s shit keeps on getting announced.

Get hype for Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure HD.


I also submitted a tip to SRK so hopefully it makes the front page.

This game is absolutely amazing and is worth giving a try. Every character is so unique and fun to play, and it’s all revolved around the third arc Stardust Crusaders

Edit: Seems like my tip made it to the front page haha


I was just looking for a PS1 copy last night and the games like $80 used, so this is pretty awesome news to me.


I own the ps1 version but its not an arcade port. The dreamcast version was the best one.