Mid-Cities Thread (Midland-Odessa) Now with BarFights!


Well, good luck getting me out there Fridays, given how unreasonable my situation is. For sure I won’t make it tomorrow, and probably not for a long time after that either.

Sorry. :wasted:


I’m in Midland! Me and my friends play usually anything fighting related. We been trying to get more people to play with. It’s kinda hard getting around when I’m 16 and broke. lol. But yeah we are just looking for casual players.



This forum is amazing!!! Odessa Tx!


That sux. There is a small tourney tonight set up by the missing ones. I tried to call you but your phone was off. Ill tell you how it goes l8er.

Great we should play sometime. Um ill PM you my phone number and you can give me a ring sometime. As for casual we arent really casual but we will play with just about everybody.



Hey, I can probably swing tonight.

The Midland kids should show up if they can.


Grimm Your a Swinger??? JK
Does that mean you can come out? Turn your phone on.


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I’m Drew, it’s Ian who thinks that the headless robot chick is a slut.


Hey guys, Chairman here (Obviously). Just hosted a nice SSFIV tourney last weekend in Odessa (10 people entered, and for Odessa I think that’s really good for a first tourney), and just to let you guys know we are doing it again the 29th! So practice up, cuz there is a surprising amount of good local competition. We are going to be recording our matches with some nice hardware we ordered 2 weeks ago (still hasn’t come in) and also streaming in the future, with an ultimate goal of doing ranbats. If you want to be a part of it (and why wouldn’t you? huh?) come out and have some fun. Our tourneys cost $10 to enter (No venue fee!) and it goes straight to the prize pot. And if you don’t want to play in the tourney, We’ll always have a casuals setup running.

We have alot of casuals throughout the week and if you would like to come, Give me your numbers so i can hit you up! 432-664-0191


Cool man. I really want to get into some casual matches with you after that tourney. Looking forward to some good matches. Hit me up!


is this tourny at a venue(game center, shop) or is it a house tourny? I can make it out there…just wanna know its worth making the 2 hour trip…


last time is was at this storage thing i dunno but it was a public place


The tournaments are held at a venue know as The Party Zone, it’s just a storage unit that our friend rents out for parties but he also plays SSFIV. There are plenty of tables and chairs, two TVs mounted on the wall, and 3 MAME cabinets filled with fighting games.

Oh yeah, Starw!n is up in this thread. Haha!!!


The tourney was fun but I am more excited about ranbats. I like that idea, I think it will help our community out here.

Edit: So when are these ranbats gonna start???


We got a dude from Lubbock in the thread? I’m in Brownfield right now LOL.

I’m headed to Austin for a bit, but sometime at the end of next week I’ll be back in Odessa for awhile. I’ll be sure to make it over for some casuals.


its because the Lubbock scene is dead right now…tech is out for the summer and 3 of our locals who played sold their ps3s…yeah, its shitty for me right now…


Do you come to odessa much?


nah…if I make it down for the tourny on the 29th, it would be my 1st time down for gaming…


Next time I show up at a tournament, there better be a dude screaming “D-M-X! RIDE-OR-DIE!” followed by lots of barking.


So, The tourney Is still going down the 29th. I’m anticipating to have around 10 people entering so you can judge by that if you want to come down or not.

Hopefully we can get the ranbats going soon. I’ll talk with the people involved here and see what we can do. My recording equipment was FINALLY shipped, so maybe I’ll get it before the next tourney :rock: