Mid-Cities Thread (Midland-Odessa) Now with BarFights!


Yay ranbats. Yo chairman do those 2 dudes have srk accounts? ya know dan and the other guy. Either way get them to start posting.


Oh hey I was thinking it might be useful to post the tourneys/ranbats schedule in the southwest tournamant thread. It could prove fruitful and since you guys (you know who you are) schedule these fine events, Ill leave it to you guys. Just a suggestion.

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Alright guys, I’m going to begin making it more of a habit check in on this thread more often, and posting more information about what exactly the hell is going on. Also, I’ll take KatariDragon’s idea and post in the Southwest thread. If you if have suggestions for things that we should do or things that we should change, feel free to post in the thread to let me know. This includes how we should do ranbats (No, we aren’t going to host HDR tourneys ;D). On to ranbats!

So we had our first round of ranbats last thursday and we had an okay turnout - though some people need to get off their ass and make it to the venue =D

Since we are pretty much diving head-first into the whole hosting tournaments and doing ranbats thing, the best thing to do is mimic what other regions are doing. I like Arcade UFO, so I am suggesting we use their point system for ranbats. I’ll type out the rules we are most likely going to use for this “season” of ranbats to be held NEXT Thursday, 8-26.

From here on out, we will be using a setup provided by Rakuen – the same guy doing the brackets. It will be on 360 and has absolutely zero lag. Everything we do will be held at the Party Zone Clubhouse on Faudree road. I will post the actual address later.

The format may change. This is just a starting point and a suggestion. If it changes it will be posted in this thread.

Super Street Fighter 4
Single elimination - Why? To keep time-commitment low for everyone.
Top 4 will be in some kind of double elimination to have accurate standings. - Why top 4? not enough people to do top 8 :wink:
Xbox 360 - If you use a pad, bring one. There will be 2 arcade sticks.


Each match is a 2/3 gameset with the rounds also set at 2/3
Character switch OK but player cannot change mid 2/3 game set until they lose 1 game - This is very important

  • Points are awarded as follows: 1st (10 points), 2nd (7 points), 3rd (5 Points), 4th (3 Points), 5th (2 Points), 6th (1 Point)

Schedule: (Every other Thursday)

August 26th
September 9th
September 23rd
October 7th
October 21st
November 4th - End season - Hope I didn’t put on one some kind of holiday.

As we are poor and not sponsored (lol), the prize is bragging rights!

As stated before, all this could change tomorrow. Also I suggest (to all of us organizers) that we restart the ranbats with the date above.

Sorry for super-long post. Tell everyone you know that the ranbat season is starting and we need to spread word to the midland players (if there are any.)

Practice up!


Perhaps that was too much info? Anyways hope it helps the cause.


Not that I know of. I’ll txt them and make sure they know where to go for the information they need. Other dude’s name is Chase.


Other dude reporting for duty. Since school is starting next week, I should be able to make most of the meetings. Hope to see you fools there!


So our venue host has jumped ship. The owner of Party Zone Clubhouse has decided that since we aren’t playing on the not-so-good ps3 version of SSF4 (and hes a ps3 pad player), he is not interested in being a part of what we are trying to do.

Since I’m on the topic, I suggest everyone that hasn’t made the switch from pad to stick begin to do so. No, you don’t HAVE to play on stick, but you are putting yourself at a situational handicap whenever you attend tourneys elsewhere. Everything that you can play fighting games on, you can play with a stick… No homo.

So, we will be holding the ranbats and future events at Rakuen’s and Sh!n’s place until we can find another venue hookup, which I am currently working on. This also lets us do tourneys on Rakuen’s awesome setup, so no lag excuses =D

Oh, and – Now that we don’t have to worry about Raul’s schedule, perhaps we can change the ranbats to EVERY Thursday. Let me know what you guys think.


Wow Raul doesn’t wanna host anymore… sigh well thats the fighting game tourney life i suppose. I am also down for every thursday which would be cool. I am trying to get another job though so we will see.

Once school starts I might be able to get the gamecage at OC to host our ranbats tourneys. I will probably be the vice prez of the gamers club here. However they can’t run too late. Also if we do this I would suggest people make donations, it doesnt have to be much really just something would be nice and it would secure the gamecage as a place for us to play because the cage doesn’t make money we can only take donations.
Anyways I cant guarantee this but I will bring it up at a meeting.

Does anyone like this idea?

Also, ya guys to play on a stick its good for you.


agreed you need to get off that bottle and start playing on stick with the big boys…cough cough rick


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About time I finally found the Midland-Odessa thread