Mid-Cities Thread (Midland-Odessa) Now with BarFights!


!!!Hello and welcome to the MID-CITIES Thread!!!

West Texas Bar Fights!

Event: Super Street Fighter 4 AE Tournament + UMVC3 + And More!

Location: Ogis Bar and Grill,
Market Plaza
4555 East University Boulevard, Odessa, TX 79762

Date: Sundays!!!
Time: Starts at around 11am-2pm.

Come show off what you’ve got, drink and have a good time.

Southwest Tournaments/Events Schedule and Organizer Discussion Thread (Updated 01/02)

There is a link to the area that the permian basin covers for those who dont know. Plz Dont be shy, POST!!!


I just recently moved to Odessa for the summer, not really from Texas or familiar with Texas in any way, but I see “Permian” all over the place. I’m actually staying out by that big ass High School football stadium where the Permian Panthers play.

I play a little SFIV (no Super yet), but mostly care about Marvel/3S/CvS2.


Awesome dude that is were i live. Not close to the stadium, i know where it is however. Umm Im trying to think of a good way for us to talk. Ill pm you my phone number and you can call me. I guess.


We play everything tvc, any streetfighter, kof, garou, guiltygear, blazblue, tekken and so one so come play with me, kataridragon and others. You can’t get any better if you don’t play other people


Haha, trust me man, I’ve played more than my fair share of people in my day, so I know all about how worthless the CPU is. I honestly don’t even practice if there’s nobody around for me to play with, but I can always shake the rust off within a few games.


Woo that was a fun session. Even though I got my ass kicked pretty good for the most part on SSF4. Nice MvC2 stuff Grimm. Maybe the less than common other player will show up sometime.


Having fun out here lately. I still can’t believe that there’s only a few people in Odessa, and absolutely NOBODY in Midland. Seems odd to me.


No kidding where are the midland players??? Lets see if we cant reel some in shall we. I also posted a little thing on a groups facebook today requesting fighting game players. However I think most of the people who view that page are Magic players but it couldnt hurt to try


Well wednesday was fantastic and hopefully we can keep this trend going. Im thinkin every Friday night we can get the group together for some more matches. Ill call it “Friday Night Fights” like “Friday Night Lights” which took place here (though in reality its kinda lame). Still I need to get these guys to join SRK and post as well as find the missing players.


Well, good luck getting me out there Fridays, given how unreasonable my situation is. For sure I won’t make it tomorrow, and probably not for a long time after that either.

Sorry. :wasted:


I’m in Midland! Me and my friends play usually anything fighting related. We been trying to get more people to play with. It’s kinda hard getting around when I’m 16 and broke. lol. But yeah we are just looking for casual players.



This forum is amazing!!! Odessa Tx!


That sux. There is a small tourney tonight set up by the missing ones. I tried to call you but your phone was off. Ill tell you how it goes l8er.

Great we should play sometime. Um ill PM you my phone number and you can give me a ring sometime. As for casual we arent really casual but we will play with just about everybody.



Hey, I can probably swing tonight.

The Midland kids should show up if they can.


Grimm Your a Swinger??? JK
Does that mean you can come out? Turn your phone on.


I’m so lost right now… Which one of you said Alisa was a slut? haha…Forums are so confusing.


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I’m Drew, it’s Ian who thinks that the headless robot chick is a slut.


Hey guys, Chairman here (Obviously). Just hosted a nice SSFIV tourney last weekend in Odessa (10 people entered, and for Odessa I think that’s really good for a first tourney), and just to let you guys know we are doing it again the 29th! So practice up, cuz there is a surprising amount of good local competition. We are going to be recording our matches with some nice hardware we ordered 2 weeks ago (still hasn’t come in) and also streaming in the future, with an ultimate goal of doing ranbats. If you want to be a part of it (and why wouldn’t you? huh?) come out and have some fun. Our tourneys cost $10 to enter (No venue fee!) and it goes straight to the prize pot. And if you don’t want to play in the tourney, We’ll always have a casuals setup running.

We have alot of casuals throughout the week and if you would like to come, Give me your numbers so i can hit you up! 432-664-0191


Cool man. I really want to get into some casual matches with you after that tourney. Looking forward to some good matches. Hit me up!