Mid Combo Meaties. Tech to explore

Messing around in training mode vs Ryu exploring why I was able to occasionally get 2 close s.MPs to come out I discovered some new links for Cody that people haven’t really explored here.

Mid combo meatie attacks aren’t new, but they aren’t well explored or documented. I found that if you do f.MP (Counterhit) against Ryu and you time it right you’ll get a close s.HP that connects on the 2nd active frame instead of the first. I was successfully able to do CH f.MP - close s.HP - cr.HP - Criminal Upper in the corner and CH F.MP - close s.HP - sweep mid screen (I didn’t try cr.HP very much the spacing on it is really strict even in the corner.)

Another one I found is that since Cody’s close s.LP is near his body and has 3F active frames it is possible to do f.MP (NOT counter hit) close s.LP - c.HP with proper timing on the close s.LP you’ll connect it meaty and be able to link to c.HP or sweep. Of course this isn’t terribly useful as you could instead just do f.MP - s.MP for the same effect.

Don’t write it off though! Because while it is character specific and tight to time you can do f.MP - FAR s.LP - c.HP/sweep too. It is difficult though because far s.LP only has 2F active frames.

I’m sure there are other possible mid combo meatie attacks that could result in some interesting stuff. Just need to explore different characters reeling animation and try and take advantage of the large amount of active frames on Cody’s normals.

Here’s some on Sakura. It’s pretty easy to get a mid combo meaty cr.lp on her in a variety of ways.

Packz also has a bunch of them in this vid:

Found a good one against Sakura, DEFINITELY VIABLE AND WORTH USING.

Neutral Jump HP - close s.HP - c.HP works in the corner or mid screen. Also found some other intereresting non-meaty related stuff I’ll post in the discovery thread.

Let me add that it also works against ryu and cody

nj.hp cl.hp c.hp works on a lot of characters - the annoying thing is that the timing of the initial nj.hp and starting spacing required to get the meaty cl.hp varies for each one. I did have a list of who this works on, but I’m not sure what I’ve done with it…

Remembered I had a couple more of these in this vid:

The mid-screen meaty cl.hp after ex rocks works on Seth, Gouken, Guile, El Fuerte, Zangief and Cody. Can’t remember off the top of my head if that list is different without the lv3 focus first.

Meaty cl.hp after counter-hit c.hp xx ex rocks in the corner is Cammy specific.