Mid level rog trying to up your game?

So i was reading through these posts and it seems for the most part that people understand rog and get basic things like ex moves go through fireballs, have super armor, you can ultra after a headbutt, what ex rush loop is… but some people are having issues getting over some humps. I feel like i’m a solid player and wanted to share some of the things that you can learn and also right some missconceptions that some rog/sf4 players have. I was one of them… ok i still am… haha.

  1. EX rush upper and you.

Ex rush upper for the most part is only good within certain combos. The damage scaling in sf4 is so great that wasting an ex bar to get a small amount more damage isn’t really worth it. I see people do things like j.HP c.LP x 2 c.LK xx ex rush upper c.LP c.LK xx headbutt. if you really intend on doing this and you know the j.HP is going to land, go with c.MP into ex rush upper and then your damage won’t be scaled. Or try to limit your c.LP counts, you only need 1-2 to cancel into the rush upper. I see far too many people just throwing it out and it whiffs like 80% of the time or gets blocked when things like ex dash punch or torpedo are far far far better choices. If you look at top rogs like PR rog, Pamyu, etc… (btw sidenote Pamyu has more bp then maeda which was suprising… not that it means much… it’s only like 5k) they are always using torpedo/dash punch for like all situations unless it’s a combo

  1. I love to rushdown, rushdown is the way to play rog!

Yeah rushdown is fun, it’s awesome and i personally try to be as aggressive as possible. However when you start to do that you start to lose the strength in rog’s best moves which is his normals… c.HK s.HK s.HP c.HP all require good spacing to abuse and rushing down too hard/close can be a problem against a lot of characters. Boxer is more of those characters which can turtle/be a wall… and when the opportunity opens you explode into a fury of anger and rage. Lots of characters have better close close games then rog and lots of them have better long range then rog. In the end picking the sweet spot and changing things up is most important. Each opposing character is different so it’s important you know when to rush and when to turtle. We all can’t be gief or sagat who can rush/zone anyone into oblivion.

  1. My wakeup game is bad, I get owned by mixups and i try to ex headbutt and it just gets blocked.

Welcome to sf, everyone gets owned by mixups (ok maybe not akuma… dam you teleport!) One thing that the best players are REALLY good at is teching throws and blocking mixups. The issue is to try to mix it all up so that your opponent can’t exploit. STop backdashing every single time, stop ex headbutting every single time, or ex torpedo, or ex dash. Mix it all up. Sometimes just straight blocking/teching and taking your chip damage is the best way to do it. Then backdash away after you’ve found an opening. In sf4 especially as rog you have a larger life pool and an even bigger stun pool. There is nothing wrong with taking the defensive on wakeup, i see way too many wakeup headbutts it’s just plain bad against any good player. I see people on all character forums going “what do i do against this attack?” and i’m like… “block it?” it sounds like a mean response… but it’s true for the most part. I’d say one of the most powerful specials in the game is LK tiger knee and it is hardly invincible. Just block it and adjust your spacing so it doesn’t own you the entire game. (even though it probaby still will! DAM U SAGAT)

  1. I saw this video and i don’t get how that rog should lose to honda, i never lose to honda. I am 1000000-0 against honda. Also sagat vs rog is more like 7-3 imo not 6-4!..

You know who you are. (i’m one of them sometimes). when you’re dealing with tight combos in pressure situations, it changes everything. I’ve played in numerous live tournaments and anyone who’s been under pressure knows that things change. The point of this? Practice hard in all situations live and online. Every character is strong in sf4 and the best claw player in japan can beat up 95% of rogs we have in usa. Don’t ever assume X matchup is a walk in the park, always play to win, and never think a matchup is too easy/unwinnable. I mean people say sagat is 6-4 against rog. That means he has an advantage, but that also means in 10 games if the skills are equal you should win 4 times. So it’s not unwinnable. So if you’re getting 0-10 against a character it’s because you’re doing something wrong and need to improve, it is not the character you’re facing. I mean I saw a post by marn that was pretty mean but one thing he was right about was that USA players don’t take the game as seriously as japanese and we don’t put the time in that they do. While i do think our top players are very solid and can do very well in japan (sabin proved this with a master rank on sim) i do think our mid level players vs their mid level players would get smashed. FIght hard, train hard, and become strong! Less hating and more improving yourself and your fellow sf brothers! While it’s ok to argue a point the goal of these forums is to up your game and up the games of others.

  1. I’m really good but i keep losing! WHy is this??? I can do trial 6 combos without fail… what gives???

There are times where i’ll see people who really don’t know WHY they are losing. They know all the moves/combos but they just get the short end of the stick. 95% of the time this is foots/spacing. Again it’s one of hte hardest skills to master. It’s a reason justin wong and other top guys are better then you and yet they don’t “seem” better. Mastering spacing/normals seems like such a day 1 thing, and while it is, it’s also a final day thing. I see people who act like c.HP never works for them… and yeah it doesn’t when you’re completely out of position to do it. Learn your spacing, learn your normals. If you play someone with good foots you’ll know what i mean. The always seem too far to touch, and too close for comfort. I consider footsie mastery the most important aspect of any fighter, it’s a skill that will carry over to any character and any 2d fighter game. COnsidering that rog has some of the best normals in the game we should all be mastering it. That should be more important then doing a 10 loop of ex rush uppers in training mode.

In closing we are all players who are just looking to upgrade ourselves in hopes to reach the top. Practice makes perfect but so does understanding the direction to train in. Find stronger players to play and don’t ever stop reaching for the top. GL to all you rog guys, see you online or live!!

oh and i love this video.


it’s of this guy who is trying to qualify for the nationals in kendo… OH HE HAS ONE ARM. this is like someone trying to qualify for SBO with fuerte or something wtf…

I totally agree with your last point - not the kendo guy video - the footsie part.
This is really what it comes down to. I just recently realized that. Fancy combos don’t get you anywhere. It’s all about mind games, spacing, zoning and the like… Oh and BnB. Because, well, if you wouldnt use them a lot, they wouldnt be BnB.

Nice post

I think another way to level up is not just for Rog but for any fighting game player is mental concentration.

I had a meetup at my place last night and felt I was starting to get burnt out as the night wore on and I started losing many more matches because my mindgames were becoming very narrow and I was getting baited easily without knowing it.

Good stuff Fox. The foostie/zoning section is so true.

Great information. Thanks also for adding me on XBL. I see you on and i think “Oh man i need to send him an invite to a match” then i think to myself “well maybe ill just wait so i dont look like total scrub and get down some of the suggestions he has made in posts.” So i hopefully next time i see you online and you have time we can play some matches and i can see a solid Rog in play.

Yea i know when i have nights where i start to get tired my games just go to hell. Also Mr Chowda thanks for posting that combo video on youtube. that has helped me incredibly on getting my timing straight for combos and helped nail some Blankas with headbutts that otherwise would have missed. Great video!

@Billy_Zane: Glad it helped you out mate. If it at least helps one person, then I’ve happy to have made the video :slight_smile:

This has something to do with MrChowda’s point. I always tend to lose the state of mind i should be in when playing rog.
Also, i feel things are becoming repetetive… Tick throws, other setups, block strings… Sometimes I feel like i’m just going through the motions. We really have to level up our mental tenacity. :slight_smile:

what’s important is if you ever go to evo you’re gonna be playing a lot of games especially if you intend to make top 8. so having mental strength and focus is incredibly important. seeing guys like justin/daigo land 1 frame combos in top 8 against other monsters with a HUGE crowd + video stream + already up for 10+ hours…

are you kididng me?

I think muscle memory plays a big part there. Lots of practicing and your hands are doing the work automatically.
That’s why you see so many Abels doing cr.fierce to Falling Sky instead of Ultra. They’re not thinking, the hands are doing everything :wink:

Thanks for this. I’m middle of the road and still learning about things like this.

Footsies is where its at, I was re-reading those sonic hurricane articles on footsies, and…instant level up. Wouldn’t hurt to go into training mode and figure out everybody’s jump arc to know the spacing for cr.HP.