Mid Screen Extending



There is a combo the after launch, looks like medium, df zip, h, wire grapple h. Any tricks to this? I can never get the wire grapple h to connect…


+1, is the timing too tight to use in matches, i dont think I’ve seen anybody do this other than in combo videos.
I read somewhere, that after M, you delay a bit. If somebody can explain the timings that’d be great. Do you need to M asap after launch, then delay for how long, does M need to cancel into zip, or delay into zip, then cancel into H or delay into H? The few times I randomly pulled this off in training, I think it’s M, delay, zip, cancel into H, delay to land, H grapple asap.


I constantly do this. It’s definitely match practical, it’s my go to “I’ll do this all the time” combo from about the middle of the stage and forward.


The delay after the M exists for positioning purposes, you don’t delay it much it’s just so that you can be a bit higher. After the zip, you want to delay just a touch so that you tag the opponent with the tip of the H; this gives you time to land and do your H grapple.