Mid-screen juggles

what are some good mid-screen juggles with this guy?

i can make up corner juggles on the fly with him as i go along, but at times i find myself stunning my opponent with b + fierce or b + fierce -> b + strong.

usually when i get my opponent with b + fierce, i follow up with b + strong -> ex hcb + p. from here i dont know what else to follow up. anyone know what else?

as far as I know he’s got junk midscreen, I am assuming you mean stun only juggles,

I know some of the big characters can be moved forward with the EX snake fang.

if it was me I’d go for something like an electricity and see what you can do after that, besides the standard far standing hp. I may test some stuff out later to see what I can get.

if i stun my opponent with b+fierce midscreen i juggle with b+strong, ex qcb+p, db+fierce.

Most of the time though, if your opponent isn’t stunned, necro can only do about 2-3 hits midscreen. Just the basic stuff that everyone already knows…

anti air DP+Jab punch, standing Fierce
anti air B+fierce, DB+Fierce
anti air B+fierce, DP+Fierce punch(does a little more stun)
anti air DP+Jab(opponent flys behind you), DP+Jab…a favorite of mine :slight_smile:

well here is one, that is dumb

jab, jab, st. fierce.

I will continue to look for more but my stick broke so some stuff is alot harder.

Okay the most damaging stun juggles I could come up with if you stun them with back + fierce are

Jab,Back+strong, Standing Fierce: This does like 49 damage or something to most characters and works on everyone for sure.

Jab,back +strong, Fierce Snake Fang. This shit does major damage but I can’t get it to work on everyone but it could just be my execution.

Edit: Not that anyone really cares, but I just tested the total number of hits you cold get after doing back+fierce, if you stun someone, which I did by back+fp hugo in the corner, and I got four by doing, db+fierce, jab, db+fierce, jab (obviously this was after I launched them with the back+fp) Anyway this seems weird to me becaue I was pretty sure back +fierce added 3 too the hit counter and then you should onlly get a max of three hits afterwards, but this isn’t the case, this makes me wonder about alot of other necro juggles now. and Necro juggle numbers in general.

On Q mid screed after a Cr.Sht xx Jab.Tornado, you can actually land a S.Frc
Its sweet