Middle East Madness

It seems like the whole region is in turmoil and it only continues to spread. It’s pretty fucked up that Gaddafi is willing to bomb his own people to crush the uprising which of course will only make things worse.
I wonder after the smoke clears who will be running the show? A truly democratic government which is what everyone claims they want or something not so good.

Either way, it’s going to suck for the next few months at the gas pumps and eventually the stores as prices will no doubt skyrocket during an already miserable economy :bluu:

I feel like hiding under a pile of coats and just wait til the whole thing blows over. :bottle:

…and still, why don’t we drill our own damn oil?? Oh ya, we would need a pres thats not a complete failure.

Yeah, no kidding. We supposedly have more oil than all the Middle Eastern countries combined. Some blame the EPA, others believe there’s a more “insidious” reason (conspiracy theorists unite).

Obama is far from the “savior” he was hyped up to be; I still laugh at how people got so caught up in that, but to be fair, whoever won the 08 election was going to inherit a huge mess and I didn’t see any candidate capable of turning it around.

Good luck there.

The middle east stuff is pretty serious right now, I’m with the people obviously and I’m glad that in this day and age you can still find people fighting for their country. I don’t even know if America as it is right now would do such a thing, it’s inspirational really.

Let’s see how it goes though, and more importantly, who will get involved.

That’s because Americans as a whole haven’t been pushed to the brink yet. That may change if things keep going the way they are.

As for involvement, if anyone pokes their noses into it, it will be America (sigh), especially if this spreads to Saudi Arabia.
Chinese don’t give a damn, they’re getting all their oil from Russia.

i always thought that we wouldn’t touch our oil until everybody else is dry to get max profit from it and have the world at our feet?

America!! Fuck ya!!! Team America always pops into my head lol.

The country is so screwed right now. It just really makes you quesiton our “leaders” when faced with this issue. Hmm, lets have gas prices go to 4, 5, 6+ a galon OR, you know, tap some of our insane amounts of oil here. But wait, that might even create more jobs for us…but we don’t have unemployment problems right??

actually, Oil prices were skyrocketing in China today, according to the news I watched this morning, due to this very reason.

And USA gets most of its oil from Canada, anyways

Actually, it looks to me like it’s kind of a world wide revolution now. It’s spreading. The US might have one too, but I suspect the government will just shut down the internet if they think the US is showing signs. They did pass that bill recently to give them that power.

As a test run incidentally, they shut down about 84,000 websites by “accident” for Operation Save the Children. Obviously, it wasn’t an accident and was merely a test. Considering there was no real outrage, now they know they can shut down parts and nobody will be the wiser.

DHS: Joint DHS-DOJ “Operation Protect Our Children” Seizes Website Domains Involved in Advertising and Distributing Child Pornography

Make sure to scroll all the way down and read Justanaverageguy’s post that sheds light on what actually happened.

As long as we have our PCs and Xbox360s and video games and such, most of us really don’t care.

Fueling the dragon: China’s race into the oil market, by Gal Luft

“China currently imports 32%”

"China has become increasingly dependent on Middle East oil. Today, 58% of China’s oil imports come from the region. "

And american is no where close to being pushed to the brink. Sure the political climate is hot right now, but it is no where as hot as it was during the Vietnam era.

If they shut off the web in america, the revolution would have already started. I don’t quite see another revolution however I do see a retooling eventually.

If they shut off the internet, people would be like OH noez, I cant access facebook.

Which is baffling to me. I’m no expert in the world of Finance, but after reading those Rolling Stone articles by Matt Taibbi, it makes wonder how some Wall St cats are able to do some straight Mafia-style shadiness, get away with it, and nobody give a fuck.

His latest article, Why Isn’t Wall St Going to Jail, left me in disbelief.

Oh, I thought for sure that China was brokering a deal with Russia to access their considerable oil reserves. If I’m wrong, I stand corrected.

Do you have any idea how long it would take to actually get production up so that it would be meaningful?

Oil is limited, finite. We need to invest in other sources of energy, not just oil. The problem is that nobody wants to do that because the time table is so long. People want instant gratification. Can’t do that with energy. We are going to continue to have these problems until we cut ourselves off of foreign oil and invest in other shit here at home, and not just oil.

I ain’t fully sure, but last I heard, Russia was pretty much holding onto most of it’s oil. And there’s always the whole Chechnya situation.

yeah, China is having a similar problem with the whole coal situation too. America REALLY needs to find a non oil substitute for energy, or risk their country going stone age REAL fast when the shit hits the fan

Don’t take this the wrong way but you’re a fucking moron.

I do agree that we need a different form of energy. I know it would take time to set up and drill here, but wasn’t the proposition to do that shot down 2 years ago? If we went through with it then, we would be in a much better situation than we are now. At least more independant energy wise. And I know it’s finite, but we apparently have some of the largest quantities of oil in world. I’m sure we can find a better source of energy before it was depleted.

Great reason you posted there. Probably all up on Obama’s nuts.

That’s what you think?

That’s minor. How long do you think the government would remain standing if they cut us off from our source of porn? Even SCOTUS doesn’t mess with porn, when the government tried to make porn illegal SCOTUS came to the rescue, shockingly to most people, but sensible if you realize they knew the result would have been even worse than Prohibition.