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Does anyone in the middle east play any street fighter games?

how big is the scene in the middle east? and what country exactly are u in

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i dont think that they play street fighter there but i know crash a plane into a buliding - fighter is popular as hell.

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When I was living in Kuwait my friend and I played fighting games all of the time while we were growing up. We got our games for $3 each and they were all japanese imports. We’ve played almost all Street fighters on the PS and PS2 and most KOF and I have MvC2 on PS2 back in kuwait. We played a lot of Tekken also. The scene is not that big, most of the people in Kuwait play Winning Eleven ( Soccer game ), and there are few places with decent arcades. There was this place where the whole top floor had arcade machines including Last Blade 2, Hokuto No Ken, KOF 2003, SF 2, SF IIIrd, and MVC2. Basically it was a dream place! lol.

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It does exist, and I never said anything about dying, so your point is irrelevant and on top of that highly incorrect.

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Mythic was talking to the replies, not to the original poster. He’s of Middle Eastern descent I think.

I recently went to Israel, Palestine and Jordan and took pictures of some of the arcades I found. Let me save this thread by posting them up later. Give me a couple hours or so.

I think Bahrain and United Arab Emirates could have some nice arades… of course, they could afford to have a “lot” of nice arcades there. :love:


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As I understand, there are several arcades in the UAE, and believe it or not, a few scattered players in Kuwait and Saudi Arabia… (gasp).
I wonder if anyone’s playing fighting games in Iraq.