Middle of Nowhere 2006, 01/14/06

Games were #R, 3S and ST.


  1. Aaron “AKA” (STL)
  2. David “Cue” (Omaha)
  3. Mike “ElvenShadow” (Chicago)
  4. George “Juicy G” (Chicago)
  5. Jamarr “Jamarvelous” (Omaha)
  6. Jon “BlackSnake” (Chicago)
  7. Andrew “722” (Columbia)
  8. Eric “Bob Washington” (Chicago)
  9. Kyle “Malice” (Chicago)
  10. Dennis “Ukyo Tachibana” (Chicago)
  11. Greg “ShinG” (STL)
  12. Simon “YooYoung” (Omaha)
  13. Rob “Kara_Killer” (STL)
  14. Atrice (STL)
  15. Steve “4gotten_kazama” (STL)
  16. Nick “bladejuice” (Columbia)
  17. Paul “SuperFX” (Columbia)
  18. Chris “Raiken” (Columbia)
  19. Seth “EmX” (STL)
  20. Matt “Tempest” (STL)

3s Results

  1. Jamarr “Jamarvelous”
  2. Simon “YooYoung”
  3. George “Juicy G”
  4. Josh “frog213” (Columbia)
  5. Shekeib “Shekeib”
  6. Cameron “True Karate” (Omaha)
  7. Eric “Bob Washington”
  8. Jaren “Akuma_Worst” (Columbia)
  9. David “Cue”
  10. Steve “4gotten_kazama”
  11. Joe “Jeaux” (STL)
  12. Andrew “722”
  13. Greg “ShinG”
  14. Shohaib “Shohaib”
  15. Aaron “AKA”
  16. Rob “Kara_Killer”


  1. Nick “NKI” (STL)
  2. George “Juicy G”
  3. Joe “Jeaux”
  4. Josh “frog213”
  5. Jamarr “Jamarvelous”
  6. Cameron “True Karate”
  7. Andrew “722”
  8. Simon “YooYoung”
  9. Shekeib “Shekeib”
  10. Mike “ElvenShadow”
  11. Paul “SuperFX”
  12. Bryce “Second Sight” (Columbia)
  13. Aaron “AKA”
  14. Nathan “Skeleton-T” (Columbia)
  15. Chris “Raiken”
  16. Seth “EmX”

Thanks for coming out in full force to support the tournament, and to those who stayed at my house (almost everybody who entered!) you were great guests and we weren’t put out at all.

I would have pwned all of you…
… had a bottle of Congress vodka not pwned me first.

Props to the top 5, fo shizzle. I wish I had made it out there to be random and suck at #R, but I’ll hopefully see you guys at MWC.

I bet it was fun…:sad:

Tourney was pretty fun seeing new faces and old ones. My expectations were not made for this tourney. 5? WOW lol Didn’t expect to get put in losers so fast by my own homie but I understand why it happened. It was gonna happen to one of us so blah blah blah I lost. But the money matches were revenge matches for me.:annoy: Got to get some rematches that went my way.

All in all shit was cool and worth the ride.

Shekeib and Sheheib:

You guys are cool as fuck man. Hospitality gos a long way in my book. Keep playing you guys will get better if ya find the right recources.
Cant mention enough about how cool yall were. Thanks for eveything REALLY!!:wgrin:

Jerron: Your Akuma was entertaing along with your personality.
You gotta weird style but I like it. Just grab a lil more in your game and dont do so much stuff into your supers. It takes away from your damage you could be doing. Cool guy though for real

Jeax and NKI:

That was a treat to watch yall play ST. I love watching that stuff but not being on the other hand of it.:rofl: INCREDIBLE!

Frog: Your ST skills were top notch too man I thought u were gonna murder me in ST so thanks for not using a weird character on me.
You placed higher than me in 3s…:wonder:
I still didn’t get to see how good you really were in 3s, you seemed uncertain with Ken and Makoto. I wanted u to pick Urien so thats why I used Akuma. Good games though man just be a lil more aggressive standing over peeps. Nice meeting ya had fun.

STL: Yall were chill as mothaf*%$$'s. Keep practicing and get some vids.
Apply that shit and start beasting. That guy was funny “Q man pick Q”. No
The Sean player was pretty good. We gotta talk.

U suck and I dont even play Guilty! You and your cheap ass Grey Goose!!! I hate that character, gets u all drunk!!
Thanks for the Vodka btw, its always cool talking with ya.

The Ibuki player we stayed with Andrew?:

I never got to thank your folks for letting us whore your basement so thank them for me. I was never uncomfortable man,even with the cats there. Dudley vs Thomas for 10 dollars next time. Thomas is Lonely Fighters cat.:rofl:


My niggas, yall was coo as fuck as expected.
Good ass smoke sessions Eric your a fool. Good shit in Guilty too btw

George George George, never know what to expect from you.
Good shit in ST and 3s that Sagat was so lethal!
Just know you should have fought Denjin Ryu in the tourney!!

Never fight Yuns so I didn’t know shit about fighting with Alex or Yun against Yun.
Denjin dosn’t care who u pick though. Good shit but I know I’m gonna be mad at that until I win 5 money matches against you.:annoy:

Everybody I left out my bad but u know its all good.


Hey. Wow, I suck. The clutch-o-meter just exploded for me during the tournament. Luckily for everyone, I don’t think it will be repaired any time soon.

Huge props to Scott for getting shamelessy drunk off $7 vodka friday night, stumbling around his friend’s apartment like a douche(and offering to have gay sex with me “if only he were as gay as his roomate”), scaring the hell out of me by emptying the entire contents of his stomach all over the floor in his sleep and then dry heaving randomly for the next hour. I slept like a prince delicately perfumed by the smell of puke.

Andrew, you ran the tournament very well. Many thanks. I’ll probably stop by to try out slash if you guys get it.

Steve and crew - You guys are all very solid in Guilty Gear from what I observed. Better than I am, at least. I hope I can be up at NWP for KOFXI regularly.

Chicago and Nebraska - Sorry, I was very tired and didn’t (re)introduce myself. I think I got a few what the fucks or whatever from the spacing out and nonsense I was spewing . . . Hopefully I will catch you all at MWC.

NKI - Good beatings in ST. I really enjoy that game yet can’t find a whole lot of comp. If you’re ever interested in some games send me a PM or something.

Good games to everyone I played, congrats to Aaron and David for beating me, ill get you guys next time at MWC. Very special thanks to 722 for putting all this together and housing 4309830938098 people.

See everyone next month at MWC

We all already are pretty close so no need for shout outs. Good games to everybody and congrats to top placers. And extreme thanks to Andrew for running the tournament and being a fantastic host to house us at his home, while being sick on top of all that. I sure can’t do all of that so you’re the true winner of that tournament event.

Also, special congrats to Kyle and especially Blacksnake Prucha for doing very well in their tourney games, far better than what I have expected. I can see very good things for you guys in the future.

Yea well no need for any real shouts since you guys are already the homies and I’ll be seeing most of you next month. But I’ll will give thanks to Andrew and Shokeib for housing me and the rest of the crew. AKA(you’re not aaron) for the GOOSE. NKI for letting me look like I know what I’m doing for a couple games in ST and Josh for letting us do this tourney. Peace


are YOU blacksnake?

Hey, if anybody accidentally took off with an unlabeled VHS tape in a green Maxell sleeve, please let me know.

You guys left some stuff at my house, if you have something you know you left behind get in touch with me.

Detailed shout-outs take way too long sooooooo:

People who beat me: whoops
People who lost: now what
David: uhhhhhhhhh

hi , really quick
722 - really appreciated the hospitality. good games all of friday into saturday, no sleep, and ukyo and kyle and everybody else

eric - you black bastard, ima kill you in your sleep
george - hahahahahahahahahahaha all the way to first place

aka- its always a pleasure,

everybody else was a great weekend, we will be back sooner than later

ps . st louis
yall “negros” are cool as hell, well chill again until 6 in the morning. right thurr.,
without nelly yall wouldnt be shit. hahahahahaha j/k peace out

thanks to andrew for the housing…

da “sho” brothers - just grab!!! the biggest mind game is if the guy is gonna grab or not…trust me. you guy really went out of your way for us and i really appreciate that. go to mwc!

chicago - the most scandelous city there is…if you guys were just gonna forfeit…you shoulda let me beat you… and george is white

stl - you guys need to go to more tourneys…

everybody else…good games…


You guys are all too fucking awesome…at like…everything. I bet you even rock on stilts.

All I really have to say is great shit to Andrew on running his first major tourney. Grey Goose is the juice. I may make that a tradition, so long as I win or everybody chips in. If not that, we all chip in beforehand and make a bottle of Grey Goose/booze part of the pot itself.

Goon Circle 4 lyfe!

Also, exceptionally good fucking games to Blacksnake, Cue, and Elvenshadow. And Simon, you’re welcome on the $5 I gave you for Dizzy vs. Eddie. Just throw that shit! Jamarr, I’ve always loved you. I was confused at first, about WHO would take 3s. But you DEFINATELY cleared that up for me (COSTANZA!), I am NO longer confused as to who OWNS who in 3s. I COMPLETELY understand now, it makes so much sense! (hahahahahahahahahaha)

Not quoting the mask and winning tournies, just…



Thanks to everyone that came out to Columbia. I had so much fun… :looney:

Neb - It was good to see you guys again, You guys are still some of the best 3s players I’ve seen. Midwest represent.

Cameron - you are too fucking cool man, I can’t wait till you kick my ass again.

Jammar - necro/potemkin power baby!

Simon - your shit is sharp man … man I want some rematches!:arazz: your play is tight.

George and Chi town - Thanx for taking the long ass road trip to BFE Columbia, I didn’t get to see any of the #R matches, but I will eventually. Good shit Juicy in 3S and ST, I’ll get you next time … I promise:annoy:

Steve, Rob and crew - … OMG you have to come to more Columbia events man!!! I’m gonna start the “Steve needs a mo-fuckin’ car fund” for yo ass, just so you can get out more often.

Aaron - Guilty gear master (bowing and worshipping) … cough SLASH cough

na na na na NA!! :arazz:

NKI and Joe - please come down more! Good ST comp is scarce, it’s like crack, once you get a lil’ of it, you can’t get enough!! GOOD SHIT !!!

Columbia - I think we all represented VERY well for our limited comp and small scene, it just goes to show that the midwest is strong.

Thanks again for everyone who traveled for this tourney, it wouldn’t have been possible without your participation. Hope to see everyone again.

(man that sounded gay and generic j/k)

… :lol:

ok whatever that means Aaron. No direspect to Jamarr but all u need to know is Chun Li wins if u know 3s.:rolleyes:
I never lost tourneys to Jamarr until he started using her understand THAT!!


Fun little tourney. Props to everyone involved in throwing it, and good games to everyone I played. :smile:

Hahaha, I was jacking George. From what I understand, between George and Jamaar, there was a LITTLE bit of cock-talk going on. But between those two, I am no longer confused about who owns who.

Keep cool. No need for conclusion’ jumpin’. I gave you the rest of the Goose!

Cameron:your an extremely cool guy and very good 3rd strike player… Good shit Jamarr for winning the tourney… And for Simon… I’ve officially found me a rival…hahahahahahahaha… I plan to make it to Midwest so i’ll see all u drunken guys there…(Hope your all having a bad day!!!j/k) Also thanks to Andrew for putting the tourney together and letting me stay at his hizzie and play 3rd strike until “6:00 in the mornin” with Sir Cameron… Till we meet again… You guys better not underestimate the new guy next time coughSimoncough PEACE

Cameron:your an extremely cool guy and very good 3rd strike player… Good shit Jamarr for winning the tourney… And for Simon… I’ve officially found me a rival…hahahahahahahaha… I plan to make it to Midwest so i’ll see all u drunken guys there…(Hope your all having a bad day!!!j/k) Also thanks to Andrew for putting the tourney together and letting me stay at his hizzie and play 3rd strike until “6:00 in the mornin” with Sir Cameron… Till we meet again… You guys better not underestimate the new guy next time coughSimoncough PEACE

Nick and I would love to come down again for some ST comp… have some more tournies and we’ll come…

good games to Josh and everyone else…

Always good to see the Nebraska fools again…you guys always crack me up! Start playing more ST! 3S is dead you know!