Middle School Girls Strip An 11 Year Old Boy Then Post It On Youtube


Just imagine for a second what would happen if the genders were reversed. :lol:


Kids can be cruel, man. Them little shits.


It’s Middle School, it’s when Kids are the shittiest of their lives and the most messed up.


Fucking god damn it FLORIDA!!! Come on!!! I live here! Stop making us look bad.

Of course the girls didn’t get punished for it. OF COURSE. Bitch ass America.


Funny thing is you know that there are some pervs on SRK who came in here looking for the video.


They should have imo, if you upload that shit to Youtube you might as well be charged for doing something like that AND recording and putting it on Youtube


Why i am not surprised that is Florida


shines the Loli Signal
We need you @Kromo.


What was the boy wearing? He shouldn’t have been dressed like a slut. Maybe he was asking for it.


They look like of like Swim Trunks.


That boy is going to hate women for a very long time.

What pissed me off is that the mother is hesitant about pressing charges :bluu: those little bitches deserve any sort of punishment they can get. I’m glad that the YouTuber is real, though, pointing out the double standards.

If anything, fuck their futures. They fucked up, and now they should pay for it.



I am sure whatever he did warranted that kind of response. For all we know he probably raped her in his mind. That bastard.


Jail the girls, charge the mother with neglect, she obviously doesn’t give a damn about his mental state lol


This is so dumb.
Youtube are a bunch of nazis when it comes to this sort of thing. Such a waste.
If there is a lot of cursing, you can post it to world star hip hop, because they don’t care at all. Or, sometimes I will put in a violin track and sepia tone filter and upload it to vimeo. They are stupid for artsy shit there.
Its kind of unforgivable in these times, I mean, with Google translate it is SO EASY to make some fake Tagalog subtitles and pretend its part of some Filipino Independent Movie Festival.
This is just ASKING for your CP to be taken down.


Just jail those bitches.


Weak ass kid. How do you let three girls impose their will on you like that? Seriously…yknow how hard it is to strip someone? Think about how much time it takes to strip your girl/wife during angry sex. Keep in mind she’s not resisting…I can’t imagine at 11 being overpowered by girls and being stripped. They should still be weaker than you. I mean, we’re not talking about hs girls…but middle…so what they’re are a couple of years older than him max? Kid needs to toughen up. Maybe this will be his motivation for being soft. Smh.


I feel like a similar story was posted a while back. However I am also senile so you guys can disregard this.

Feel bad for the kid though :frowning:


This is an old story. It happened about 2-3 years ago I think.

Also, this kid will be into femdom when he’s older.


Word, it’s the boys fault for no mastering Hokuto No Shinken by 7 and weight training at 5. Hopefully he learns from this and hits the weights and becomes a woman beater.


Here’s the blame videogames angle:

Akiba’sTrip for Sony PSP

Strip Fighting with Strip Combos. Cosplay, Crossdress, weaboo tween girls probably discuss strategies on some Japan version of SRK.