Middle Tennessee Needs BlazBlue! Tournament Jan 22


copied from Middle Tennessee Needs BlazBlue! Tournament - January 22nd

Time for the second one! THE SEQUEL. Therefore:

WHERE ARE ALL THE PEOPLE THAT PLAY BLAZBLUE IN MIDDLE TENNESSEE? AT COLLEGE? I call bs. I know that crap let out like a month ago.

You’re coming to the Game Galaxy Arcade in Antioch, Tennessee to beat the tobacco juice out of each other in some BureiBuru! Tell all your friends! I don’t wanna hear any distance excuses.

Just like last time; Signups start at 11:30(approximately). Tournament should start at Noon(approximately). We will stay on schedule as much as possible. I need every participant at the scene directly at 11:30. Please be prompt, guys.

Game Galaxy (inside the mall)
5252 Hickory Hollow Parkway,
Antioch, Tennessee 37013

Rules n’ Shiz

Hosting on Xbox360, setups(including tvs) are encouraged. We only need like one or two setups. Please confirm with me if you can bring one.

If you have a wireless controller it has to have a sync cable attached throughout the whole set and must be turned off after the set is finished.

  • You may not pause during a match unless your hair is on fire.
  • First to 2, Best 2 out of 3 matches
  • First to 2, Best 3 out of 5 matches for finals games (losers, winners, grand)
  • Double elimination so don’t get emo if you lose once.
  • Time limit will be at 99.
  • Makoto and Valkenhayn are allowed.
  • No Unlimited Characters
  • No Beginner Mode

Money things
Entry fee is 5 bucks, Venue fee is an additional 5 Bucks.
Money Matches can be scheduled in or out of tournament. Let me know and we’ll hype that shiz.
If we get at least twenty people I present to you an option: We can migrate to a much bigger room i’ll call “The Staging Room” with more space and we can have all the setups we want that we don’t have to take down. However, this will increase the venue fee to 10 bucks, making it a total of 15 to participate.Depending on how many people get signed up, we’ll divvy the winnings differently. Not a whole lot? Winner take all.

Out and to the right is whatever food you can handle. We’ll probably take a break after Winner’s or Loser’s Semifinals for some grub. That being said, please try to remember not to bring food or drink inside the arcade.