Miðgarðsorm Presents The Street Fighter V Story Thread

She is the most fitting. While other characters could also fit, only Akira and Hayato also bring something new to SF.

Like Gan? SF doesn’t need another fucking Sumo wrestler.


Ahem… Kyosuke…

Yeah, one thing to understand is if they want that years have passed from RS days or not
Only clue we have is

Is’nt safe bet due different stylization, but Hinata seems a bit older maybe?
Another clue may be the fact of Karin (who in SFV is around 22 iirc) inviting them on her beach may place them around same age, but on other hand we already seen Karin having as guest youger people like Ibuki

Guess we will have just to wait, if i should bet my guess would be a follow up of PJ events, maybe with her going around search Daigo because he did’nt returned (in the ending he say godbyes and goes away to git gud and not get brainwashed ever again, close to what ASF Ryu does ironically)
That could be her plot to leave her area and travel around… so my guess would be “slighty older” than PJ

Well, depend if timeskip happened and she’s no more HS age, they are’nt anymore HS either.
But to be clear Gan is the one i called potentially fitting, his concept have what it takes if they -let’s say- ever think give Honda a successor
On Batsu what i said is that between him and Daigo was easier sneak in the former because Batsu getting his shit beated a-la-Sean will not ruin his image
For Daigo’s will be harder, because lot of his charisma was about being the local badass, wich would (or at least should) work less when you have him trying to sell that shit while facing people like Sagat or whoever

BUT i have to admit
Now that we talked about potential time jump from PJ days, and considering he was already older than Akira, age may be not a problem at all, and his trip to train and get stronger physically/mentally may further help sell him stepping in
Considering the reason of his journey, it’s not even absurd think RYU (if they meet) may help him at that

Yes, she’s not bad
I’m not a fan, but as said we had it waaaaaay worse in Sakura back in the day
Akira would be infinitely more legit, plus yes, at least she got a theme that does’nt rely on higschool

I really doubt she will wear that, almost surely she will be as in her SFV art

but yes, i hope to see the helmet one, is perfect material for a Story Alt for the character story if you think about it

Nah, tbh i like nothing of him
Did’nt loved his design, neither found his fight style iconic in a SF way
I did’nt hated him neither and he was funny, but nothing on him got me wish ever see him in SF… and this despite the fact i loved SFEX cast and wish Capcom bought it

They will not retcon him neither i think, if we get him he will just be the fanbase fetish char we already know with the whole Kamen imagery going on, plus he’s japanese… good luck at Capcom thinking “let’s turn him into latin american” :smiley:
If you get Skullo you get Skullo

Akira may be fitting/someway new in her biker gimmick (in SFV Juri play that too), but i miss what particular new thing she brings
Fight style? Bajiquan/Hakkyokuken is already the main base of Karin’s Kanzuki-ryu, so aside all the silly data Karin was already essentially repping it

Hayato ok, the bamboo sword… but i doubt we want a gym teacher with bamboo sword, right?

Reality is that maybe SF just did’nt needed anything from RS universe

Was openly talking about what “fit” SF theme wise, in same post also said i prefer Honda over him as Sumo archetype rep (fun thing Gan never goes to the sumo class), but i would not find outrageus if they wanted give Honda a successor, that one to be Gan… maybe with Honda bitchslapping him till he acually train LOL

Essentially concept wise Gan is just easy to translate into SF, much easier than some others

Not that Gan MUST sneak in, as said above, i don’t believe SF even “needed” anything from RS
If you ask me i just want a SF to have a Sumo rep (and a MT, a Boxer, a TKD etc etc), in standard cast or S1, while this time took 4 fucking seasons (And 3 for MT)

Good example of what i don’t see work when jumping in SF
Kyosuke tryhard toogood/tooskilled gimmick staying the same next to SF people felt weak af tbh… there was’nt a problem due crossover nature of the game (we got SamSho people lol) just like i liked the idea of Batsu in CFAS, but in an actual legit SF i wish a char get put in correct perspective

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Curious to read it dude, considering your recent pieces were each time more rich i’m hyped
Wish at some point capcom will recognize in some way your mammoth work lol, would be well deserved

About the split i agree that crossposting is not an option to me either, just a shame we had to split a community that was already so scanty lol
I recognize they had their moral reasons though

Just like SF didn’t need any more wrestling or boxing guys.
A new sumo would be exciting. Most people don’t like Honda.

Most people don’t like the Sumo wrester in EVERY fighting game. It’s knd of a lame martial art. And Gan isn’t any less lame than Honda.


WRONG! Gan is awesome :slight_smile:

Fuck “most people” tbh, if you let most people do they will ruin SF in 5 minutes lol

Sumo is a classic of martial arts and the best excuse you have to add the archetype of a fat fighter (better than Rufus or V Birdie), wich is another classic

Each SF chapter for cast variety i’ll like the cast to have the at least 3 big body char archetypes:
Muscle gorilla (Gief is a SF must)
Fat dude (sumo rep best)
Giant (Hugo the best, but can accept new char)

As for martial arts i hope every future SF to have rep of

Karate (Ryu/Ken ansatsuken it’s ok)
Chinese kung fu (Chun MUST in, + whoever else)
Boxing (Dudley perfect rep)
Wrestling (Gief MUST in, + whoever else)
TKD (Juri perfect rep)
Muay Thai (Sagat best or Adon, or new thai char)
Sumo (Honda or whoever)
Capoeira (Elena was good, or new brazil)

These above would already give me the vibe the interstyles thing has been done well, bonus if i get also

Sambo (Abel)
BJJ (Laura)
JKD (Fei)
Ninjutsu (whoever)

Do these, add not-western artstyle and SF6 is good to me

Is not even much to ask (not even including the “bonus” ones) considering i expect every SF to reach around 40 chars
It become a problem only when they feel the need to add in fuckton of story bs clones cyborg alien vampires dolls soldiers labshit wierdos, but even in that case keep 15-20 slots for actual martial artists should be not be THAT impossible, still plenty of room for weirdos and generic shit lol

Problem is japanese just lost love they used to have for fighting in general, there was a time they used to fill a 80K stadium to see a K1 fight night
Now they lost all that passion, wich is an issue

Was fine in CvS2, but not fully fitting within SF. He is compatible enough, I guess, if you compare it to the worst elements of each games, I put him somewhere above G.

Which is good enough for me, we have all the SF3 young ones that are still in school, plus Sakura sometimes dressing as she was still in school, that’s more than we need.

Thinking more about it, my main issue is that the more characters you take from RS, the more you acknowledge it as real in SF world, and RS has plenty of things that I don’t want to see in SF.
I would have no problem with an alternate universe RS where only ONE of them is good enough as a fighter to play with the big boys (and the big girls), but saying that we have a couple of japanese schools where you can find several people capable of fighting at the highest level kind of breaks immersion for me.
Plus the stupid fighting styles …

They won’t, I know, for some reason people like Kamen when there was never anything good in it. Nostalgia I guess. But at least I can pretend he’s latin american, so it’s better than Q or Twelve.

No we don’t.

Classic but not that good. Sumo are surprisingly agile and quick, considering their fat, but in modern age it’s far from being enough. I don’t want to see only MMA type fighters, but one sumo is all we need.


Agree, Im not against Honda or dislike sumo, but the appeal of sumo isn’t the same thing as it was in the 80s.This is why we had few sumo in fighting games compare to wrestling.

This is why we had tons of wrestlers in the likes of Tekken, KOF and etc, than sumo rep. Even KOF that has the most frequent fighter released than SF and Tekken. didn’t had a proper traditional rep like Honda. Instead Kof went with Hinako.


What makes E.Honda standout and relevant among those other sumo characters in fighting games is not because he fight with sumo but rather he is the best representative of sumo in a iconic fighting game and he is the best representative of sumo to exist. What we got now is just returning Sumo Rep from the past games not mostly a new character compare that to wrestling.

In the group picture what makes E.Honda standout is because he is the popular representation sumo character from the most iconic game named Street Fighter.

Which automatically made him standout. Even being simple among the crowd

Then take a look a GAN that cestus suggesting of replacing EHonda.

What makes Gan standout among those crowd of sumo rep in fighting game in that picture?

  • It’s clearly because he wears a japanese student uniform that makes him standout on that group.
  • 2nd he is part of a fighting game about highschool students.
  • 3rd he is part of a fighting game where a popular high school student that named Sakura appeared also.
  • He is from another Capcom fighting game that is based on high school student? That is not as popular like DarkStalkers lol

Turning Gan as a successor and replacement of Honda as a sumo representative is a more terrible idea. Because Gan is a less of a sumo representative and more of a a person fighting in a japanese school uniform.

What Cestus is suggesting like a replacing Honda with another sumo character in school uniform is a huge step backward. Same thing of replacing Honda with another new sumo character.

I know how incompetent and dumb “Cestus_ii” rationale and logic is and he would probably say then make Gan wear traditional sumo better, symbolic and flashier than Honda?

Then lets take a look at the group picture of sumo rep again but this time imagining Gan wearing the best Sumo uniform among the crowd.


If Sumo representation is the priority on decision making and appeal as judgement. It’s no brainer that a conclusion of having Gan as Honda replacement and successor is a much much terrible idea like Cestus is suggesting.

It’s just show that the people like Cestus wanting to replace Honda with Gan. Yet seeing sumo thing appealing while also claiming they want SF2 character and like SUMO, It’s contradictory from someone who claimed to valued those ideas. Gan replacing Honda? LOL

Which is known for Cestus that constant contradicting and inconsistent, a fraud that likes agreeing for both things and pretending to be something else.

So they would choose someone with a school uniform instead because they felt is more relevant than WHAT HONDA established a a SUMO REP in fighting games. Again because of a school uniform?

We don’t even delve to their backstories of Gan and Honda of which deserve to be a sumo rep for SF. Even Honda best and passionate pupil with undivided attention would be more deserving for a WORLD WARRIOR than someone with that has divided attention like GAN.

Honda’s Student is better than Gan.

E.Honda is the sole character that is carrying whole Sumo appeal in various fighting games. Because he is from a popular series. He doesn’t goes easily outdated because of his moveset.

Tbh i take G over what Kyusuke was
A 2 meters crazy 150kg man with a mysterious power probably somehow connected to Illuminati techniques… a complete wierdo and silly design, but still more credible SF level treat than HS glasses kid pretending to be THAT good next to SF people

I’m far from a G fan, but still

yeah to that point of view as said there will be no problem, we got much worse
Alpha sakura is when SF standards died… and to be fair never again something that bad happened, everyone after had more plausible reason to be there

Well, for how i seen it the moment you have Akira touching SF, you make RS universe canon
Tbh even just Hinata/Tiffany stage cameo was enough
But agree, they can (and should) put it in perspective next to SF… again HS age Ibuki despite being born-raised in a ninja village (ideally i put Ibuki well above RS) still had to tag team with Mika and still they did’nt defeated Rog

I’m ok with make just one good enough, that should be the way
But if we count Akira good enough for SF, guess Daigo make it too… ever took as given he’s stronger than Akira and any other RS kid

My only problem again will be his status translating the same to SF
You can be the Alpha wolf of the RS pack, but no alpha wolf should keep same gimmick playing with 300kg tigers lol

Unless they want pull a KoF and have him like Kyo that one day just arrived and suddently was on par (or above) with vet heroes Terry/Ryo… but even there, there was a lore building to have to justify him that good

Lol i push my pretending to fill location when their stupid new “politic” make them go full retard… so i keep Rashid UAE, Kolin ukranian, Nec from aztec area (modern days Mexico) and stuff like that :smiley:

Btw i got it like this


Hard time consider wich i find worse
Twelve rep a lot of what i don’t like in SF, Skullo to me is even -much- bigger joke than Dan, would like neither to touch a slot

Wich is what i said, never talked about have Honda+Gan or another sumo guy at same time

I want a SF chapter to have a sumo rep, but one is all we need indeed

The thing is cestus had been passionate with RS characters and Gan entering SF and always want Honda being replace.

Regardless how much he claims things he likes the worldwarrior name honda and sumo. He is always been inconsistent and contradictory. He would claim he likes honda but would want him to be replace by a non-traditional Sumo rep.

Some of his past post from older threads

To be fair. I do find it possible that Sodom as a Honda rep because of the Alpha ending because of HONDA the world warrior being personally involved. I only think it was possible.

But I don’t agree with it and I really disagree with it because, it’s a bad idea too for Sodom being turned into a Sumo Fighter and for Honda to be scrap like cestus wants too.

Like in this post

Just give Gan a new outfit instead of his uniform (you can imply or not that he’s a fresh graduate from HS, or simply that it’s his go-to sumo competition outfit) and there you go.

Gan is easily the best sumo out there, his grab super is freaking beast. He would be one of my mains in SF6 no doubt.

Honda’s charge moves, in the other side, are quite ridiculous, that’s why people choose Blanka instead. Even his CA is lame.

I think Honda have easily the better sumo arsenal, plus his 1000slaps and missile headbut are easily more iconic/recognizable than anything Gan ever had

Also with Honda Capcom did an underrated job at characterize Honda as a type of sumo wrestler, not just a sumo wrestler

Japanese have a way to see sumo as a set of abilities, and recognize who’s particulary good at this or that
I like how Honda was portraied as not brute strenght/size/weight ultimate specialist but they focused on his ability to move surpising quick/agile, having explosive af start (missile) and fast af hands (1000slaps) in the hand trust game

That’s only because Street Fighter is more famous than Rival Schools.

Of course Honda is the o. sumo, but I find Gan’s movelist more fun and more effective. I’d love Gan to be the next sumo representative for Street Fighter.

However I do agree that charge moves character had been going unpopular go to character and be picked by many except Guile because of his normals combine with projectile and anti air.

Besides that Honda’s special is more easy to read than Blanka plus Blanka has better normals and tricks. While Balrog(Boxer) having better range, normal and power.

Capcom Updated Bison and Vega’s commands and movelist. So it could work with Honda in a way.

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They really dropped the ball not updating Honda’s movelist in SFV. They had the greatest chance!

So, I’d give Gan a shot, no doubt.

But aside from Akira and Gan, I don’t know which other RS characters could be salvaged for SF.

Maybe grown-up Roy, grown-up Boman, grown-up Tiffany.

Maybe Kyoko; or rather, a character with a similar fighting style as Kyoko (Kyoko’s too goofy in persona/personality).

lol now suddenly into honda

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i think regardless of SF popularity, Honda was designed in a way that his specials stand out more, his movements follow trajectories typical of SF/2D (wich SF still use) while RS back then had more that early 3D FG vibe

Plus add aside some cool sumo inspired things (i liked the palms rush) he was intentional designed to NOT be a true sumo dude, his gimmick was he was of the sumo class but never go there to actual learn/train
To some extent he’s more a brute strenght char a la Abigail than a sumo, i say at least 60-40

But again, if they want turn him into an actual Honda disciple can potentially be fun, specially if Honda’s influence is visible in the moveset

But effective problem is that 2 sumo in same chapter would be redundant
My priority would be like

Honda > Gan/New Char ≥>>>>>>> no sumo rep

i liked his VT2
But yeah i was hoping for a bit more new stuff too, maybe at least the shoulder tackle of 4 Omega

Idk slighty older Roy would fit, but tbh i feels like he would be another blond brawler american that would be a bit redundant depending on the cast of the chapter… example would not like see V style Cody and Roy in same thing

Boman was one of the few that offer physical potential, and beside a kinda forgettable design had a very cool unique concept with him being very peaceful/religious person studying to become a preacher.
Actually if developed in that direction he would surprising be one of the most interessing ones

Boman as a gigantic priest/preacher that beat the crap out of you and then pray asking forgiveness for the violence, would be cool and fresh take at a SF black char… specially considering SFV with Rog/Birdie lol

Only problem would be yet another black boxer, one thing i liked of King Kobra was him having a asian martial arts base

Tiffany was my favourite boobs, first design in particular
But tbh ever thought about her as some kind of funny boobs char, never thought much about her as fighter

When Akira come, just release a Tiffany alt for Lucia/Mika and i will be happy lol