Miðgarðsorm Presents The Street Fighter V Story Thread

Tbh i doubt Ono alone was responsible of everybody plastic boobs

I’m not even sure he was the one that said “we wanted strong men and sexy girls uhuhuh” talking about SFV, and even if was, was said as something that whole team liked as idea

Wich tbh does’nt surprise me, the more we go on, the more japan anime went full retard with fanservice
Just watch how example Onepiece changed way of design girls from first seasons to current

Btw SF4 used to do perfect sexualization
Ugly models aside concept wise they was supposed to be hot but coherent designs
SFV thrown that away

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Cammy went from a B cup to a DD wtf

Not to mentioned that the made up story also said a female taken also the project after he had been took out and it became better.

While in reality Capcom was having a job postinv looking for someone new for battle related job. Which proven the story to be untrue.

Even notice that Max only confirmed that ono had issues with working with some of he whom he knew. But he never delve into the SF6 issue. his playing safe because it’s very far.

Ono probably got demoted and move to other position because of the later titles not working to the higher ups expectations.

And probably he got conflicted with some ideas of others that made him hard to work with, but we don’t know the pressure on ono and the consequences on him not hitting a mark. We know budget and priorities is the least given to FG in Capcom.

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The launch of SF5 was a disaster and Japanese business methods demand someones head for such a big screw up.

Ono was put on the chopping block.

Simple as that.


Yeah, I was talking a tag idea in a different thread but with a different style of composition that was also one of the most active here in SRK while some were talking about a KOF team like in that thread also.

So it’s not a very uncommon topic and people had different interpretations of the team based SF.

It’s a usual topic everytime CVS1 or a Mahvel is talked about because it’s a follow up is discussion.

It’s also talked when a franchise does a crossover to another franchise like every time the KOF mobile does a crossover.

I doubt it was only Ono who influenced SFV’s over sexualization. Akiman was the one who designed Chun-Li’s battle sex costume for example.

Originally Laura and Juri were going to run around like this. But were told by Capcom USA to tone it down.


juri concept art laura concept art

If not for Capcom USA, SFV would’ve been closer to a hentai game than DOA.


To be fair to akiman that battle costume isnt that much different to her regular costume except she isnt wearing tights, it stays to true to the character in design. Not like Cammy who was always lean and agile suddenly become a porn star

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Akiman created Cammy too right? He also made Sakura who flashes her panties in most of her moves.

Even on his twitter he’s a horny guy, so i feel like it’s wrong to pin it on Ono specifically.

From what I understand with recent Sony guidelines and the Terms of Service thing Capcom USA released, oversexualisation and overt shit like that probably won’t be prominent in future SF games thankfully.

IIRC, one of the Alpha 2 staff or a fan wanted him to animate her underwear for her moves. Akiman did the sprite animation for Felicia too I think. It’s not as bad as Hideki Ishikawa sexualising Roll and other Megaman characters.

Well, they’re not precisely panties. More like some sort of sport shorts.

IIRC Ibuki received some big breasts increase too.

While Beta C. Viper was sexier than what we got in the end.

Mika is the most sexualized SF character IMO (and I remember that nude “Sexy R. Mika” for Mugen which actually had better gameplay than the one of Street Fighter).

Who knows. I mean, some characters are sort of sexy by nature. I see the edits made to Mai in some Chinese cellphone games and it’s just sad.
But well, they could fix that with a fitting new outfit, if they’re creative enough.

Again, is a trend that got whole anime world (so Japan) in recent years
Anime ever had this or that female chars who had hentaish vibe hot girls as fanservice, but also pretty different types, and not all to tickle watcher’s dick.
Some still had the waifu thing, but in an “classy” way

I’m not feminist, and i get annoyed everytime fucking sjw have to spit their shit on VG too because it’s one more media they want to change (even if maybe they don’t even PLAY these games they want to change)

But trend just became straight ridicolous

More recently in shonen anime it became more a thing have lot more % of female characters and almost all (in some cases all) seem done with the fanservice thing

Again, while is true OP characters got timeskip (and males changed too), it’s not that hard see a change of philosophy LOL



Or we want stick to fight games, first examples that come to my mind

Or not make me start with Soul Calibur LOL

Again, whole japan took that silicon valley turn, people should just stop keep hating on Ono for everything ever LOL

Tbh while i dislike what SFV did to some SF characters (and not only females), and even if i’m a Playstation player since PS1… Sony can fuckoff
Sony just tryhard to look american and SJW lol
They even moved Playstation HQ to fucking California of all places… and we should ask this sony to handle japanese games? Damn lol

Iirc read rumor on Gaf they’re even “boycotting” Japan Studio, wich is probably the best thing Sony ever had… because they (Californian rep iirc) don’t see much point at have a team that do japanese style games

Again, Sony is as bad “protector” as you can get if you hope SF to not have to suck western dicks
I hope for future Capcom stay indipendent from them as possible, they already westernized themselves too much without need some Sony douche pushing more

Tbh aside the spank animation that they censored because of their soft balls (when it actually made perfect sense give the CA), SFV Mika is even more mild than the original SFA one, where the hearths (now removed) were there kinda as nipples methaphor

Yes, Mika is one of the most sexualized design… but because that’s what Mika ever been

I disagree on “the most” though, Laura is

While is true she shows less ass skin due censorship (epic rare case of good censorship), she’s the first female* to also playing that much on her sex appeal
Juri started first, but was more light thing

On other hand Mika while looks ready for hentai casting couch, as attitude she’s an absolute tomboy
Her tits are just there, and while she does butt attacks she probably see her own butt as a big powerful war hammer to use in battle, sex is the last thing seems interessed to do with it lol

*stay calm Poison people lol

Ibuki always has big tatas. She is one of the bigger ones if you look at SF girls 3 sizes.

So was leona ifrc


Yes canonically Ibuki & Leona are stacked

Ibuki’s official measurements:
B82/W57/H82 ( SFIII )[3]
B95/W57/H90 ( SSFIV )[1]

Leona had moments where she looked stacked and had the data, but it’s in recent years they wanted make a watch-my-boobs gimmick char out of her

While busty babe original Leona looked like this in the game

Original design almost wanted to hide dem boobs, because was’nt the point of the char

Most recent one seem designed by some DoA guy

Simply is a general trend, i find gun people manage to accuse Ono also of this

Ono was also the father of SF4, and handled fanservice perfectly there

Leona had some weird mannerisms.

I really need some cammy vs leona cvs fanart right now

That’s not a fair example. That’s a different character in Tashigi’s body.

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I miss Leona’s OG design. If they’re sticking with the tank top look, they should’ve kept the XIII version where she had the pineapple hair.

The Ibuki thing is funny, apparently Ono didn’t do any research when it came to SFIII. All he did was ask the director of NG and left it at that. Ibuki was only busty in that 1 piece of art by Kinu, but in every other piece she’s not.

Since SFIV is way more successful than SFIII, and the only way to get that info is through media only released in JPN, most people think Ibuki’s the Mai Shiranui of SF.


Completely fair example actually

The change has been only as personality without effect on the body, her tits being that huge now are not due that

And the personality switch used as chance to hentai the fuck out of Tashigi too is just one more proof of how the mindset changed in plenty of anime

New/recent japan trend is boost waifus boobs, either in size or cleavage or both
No idea how this is Ono’s specific fault and not a more general japanese change of taste… on this i believe it when was said “WE wanted them to look sexy”, with current anime sexy being flashy pornstar bodies

not true
for a joke of extremized perspective that these defeat shots had boobs looks bigger there, but she had still big boobs in other pieces too

Ingame less indeed, sprite help have definitive view

Then the baggy gi add some volume

But again, Kinu played on perspectives often, there are other pieces where she get different piece to piece
In Ono’s defense SF4 Ibuki (specially the artwork) was more or less compatible with TS Ikeno’s Ibuki too, who’s more “static” in his designs with less volatile proportions

Beside that even in SFV where they gone for the porn-up thing, i don’t consider Ibuki a particular example of that, actually she stayed more or less closer to her former self

Juri, Cammy and Chun got it most clear

Rest is ok i think

Mika may be cheap fanservice, but she’s ever been like that (even more imho)
Laura is of course a blowjob to fappers, but she’s a brand new char so does’nt “betray” any previous version of herself.
Plus tbh i like it, her being brazilian and SF is very stereotype ride well the whole hyper sexual brazilian girls thing (just like for Poison works because street hooker type of chara design)
They seen some Kyra Gracie hot shots and built a
bjj hot waifu from there, i can buy that

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