Miðgarðsorm Presents The Street Fighter V Story Thread


Cammy Killer Bee one is AWESOME


-Ed get jacket tied on waist, long sleeves shirt, no gloves

-Lucia get a knotted shirt, no visor, glasses on

-Menat just get her normal haircut

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Dan colors are a goldmine, he does everything LOL

Kyokugenryu Karate

Street Fighter


Thought at this point Gief had it too, but he does’nt do anything
Even if from Gief i will have expected



Eleven is already in the game, and does not have any story mode or arcade appearance.
Eleven does not seem to count as a character and is only an extra Random select.

(You do not get the option to select a color for eleven there is only player 1 and player 2 color that appears if the other player also plays eleven.)

Anyone compiled the winquotes yet?

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Go check what others say defeating him will be more tedious though

The comment to Alex scratch the 4th wall lol

Fun thing i just noticed, Dan try to copy Ryu’s H Punch and Ken’s H Kick, but his form is much weaker in both LOL



It’s cool considering SFV cemented even more Ryu being best puncher and Ken better kicker

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Baiken and Anji is at least the better choice

Agree he shouldn’t be a serious character, that’s inconsistency and out of character if change.

He should remain a joke like the other fighters like birdie, blanka, rufus and etc

And still remain to be a parody because that is one of his strong impression


He started as a mockery or a parody in SFA2

He was turned into a joke in SFA2

He should still remain as a joke because that is his popular character trait in SF.

What’s unique about him as a joke than other joke fighters is that he considered himself along the best. That’s the funny part and he brags about it. So that should strongly remain along him being a parody.

What I mean is to make him an average fighter along the likes of the least fighter and not something that Dan is automatically the lowest on everyone. That some usually and automatically justify that everyone in SF > Dan always. Which is terrible because he is a recurring playable fighter in a one on one game that also Capcom usually improved in modern games.

That was fine in Alpha games which Dan is really a handicap fighter, but in modern games Dan isn’t a handicap character anymore.

I dislike power level and would rather Capom divided them to three which I mentioned before

1.) The Masters, The Mentors, The Hermits, The Aged Fighters and a like.
2.) The one that are learned directly from those Masters, Mentors and a like
3.) Average and those that learned without proper orientation of Masters, Mentors and a like

Making the three divided category ambiguous in terms of power level.

Rather than making him the default lowest among the low in the story but contradicts when his gameplay and the way Capcom makes his gameplay viable.

He may look funny in animation but his never a handicap character which his narrative implies, The real handicap characters now in SFV isn’t Dan because Dan is a DLC character and they won’t sell if Dan would be a low tier by default. So beating by someone that uses Dan isn’t someone giving an advantage in modern SF titles.

Not to sound ungrateful, but it’s not stated against whom Dan says all those.

It is. If you keep the cursor over the highlighted word in every phrase, the name of the recipient appears.
Besides, they’re all in alphabetical order, so you start with Abigail, then Akuma and so on.

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They all learned from the same school and same teacher(Gouken) but Dan is the worst of student because of being kicked out because of his intentions. So obviously his form is weaker and poor compare to the likes of Ryu and Ken.

What it does shows is that the influence to him


And that compare to Ryu and Ken, his attack were not as good as they do.

If were talking about copying no doubt that is Sakura

Sakura is the character that copies and tries to imitate Ryu.

Because Ryu is his idol.

If Dan probably just copy Ryu or Ken from how the tatsu and hado in body gestures, So he would probably be more like Sakura which is a direct rip off of Ryu. But he isn’t.

And Sean also for Ken

The difference is of Dan from Sean and Sakura is that he had direct influence from Gouken in some time before being kicked later.

Dan is just reference by Sakura and Sean as the worst existing student of Gouken because he was kicked out in Gouken’s dojo from were their idols came from.

While the difference of Sean and Dan from Sakura is that they both had other influences not just from a Gouken Dojo

Because of his family

So it’s always been Sakura that copies and imitates, while the two had other influences because of there kin.

It would also be really weird to make a brand new character be a guest.

Why they should?

I’m also starting to believe even the classic Guest to be unlikely… lately they stressed a lot the importance story links have

Wich sound a bit bizzarre considering we are about to get Akira, wich had zero cast links and is blatant there due poll results, but still

I think somewhere in next 3 character’s stories will point in some way at the 5th mysterious figure

G i guess it’s the most likely chapter they can focus on(with Rose)…
I still have my theory Q is post-SFV G that got stopped/punished before SF3 days


If they are’nt same person, they’re still obviously linked
Of entire SF missing cast the only with mysterious aura that would fit be keept secret seem to me indeed Q, no other char offer that amount of mystery

As personal taste, hope not
Tired of all these not-so-normal fighters gimmick, give us normal fighters damnit
At this point would prefer Akira just linking Daigo (not wild version), at least he is an human that punch and kick

Sorry, I was still talking about Nagoryuki in SamSho. He’s a brand new character, so I doubt he’d show up as a guest fighter somewhere already.

At this point weve seen SF characters interact with SNK and Namco characters (the two most compatible companies). Arcsys characters woild look lame in the SF5 art style, so unless its somethinf truly shocking like a subzero/scorpian its likely to be meh.

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Ah ok :smiley:

He’s talking next Guest in SamSho

Baiken is one of the most bad-ass and sought after character so hoping she would be than nagoyuki which is very cyberpunk.

that would be the literal shatter all expectation lol…

Yeah some Mk character would work with Samsho with a bit of tweak.

but tekken did that early with Negan which is meh

When I would think about it I would have prefer an MK character to be in Tekken than Negan

Or even better a DOA/Virtua Fighter character. Personally would love to see Axel stone from streets of rage in a proper fighting game.

Baiken and Johnny seem like they’d be the most likely. Both are very popular and both are sword fighters with classic influence.

Personally I want Johnny because COIN

Axel would be a great debut in a fighting game for KOF.

Another interesting is Billy and Jimmy because they are also under Arcsys now.

So ken’s vt2 will always connect on cr.mk hit confirm now, it always combos into heavy dp, you always get oki off of it, and you can do it up to 4 times. It’s finally usable, better than vt1? We’ll see