Midnight Bliss

Mmm… I wish every fighting game has someone who has a “mock-up” move like that. I mean, DS has two characters who does mock-up moves.

Heheheh I wonder what a MB’d Mitsurugi or Bridget would look like! XD

Midnight Bliss is sexy, no doubt. Scary when done on the guys, he makes some of them into interesting women.

Is this what we’re talking about? :confused:

This is so disturbing that it may have just single-handedly killed all interest I had in eventually trying out the DS/VS series.

I can answer one of the OP’s questions…

Isn’t there a site/gallery that contains images of Midnight Blissed male characters?

gee great thread

Come on, baby!


XD I thought so.

I recall seeing a fanart of SF3 males getting MB’d… and it had Poison remain the same look.

Yeah, this belongs in IMM.

I agree.

But where has all the images gone? D:

check it out

Hugo made my eyes bleed. D=

Look up Nekkau, he did fanart of alot of them.