Midnight Comics Tourney, Return of Jennifer Love Hewitt - Houston, Tx - 08/21/2010

Midnight Comics
Suite B 2505 S. Highway 6
Houston, TX 77082


Super Street Fighter 4

Venue fee:

Entry fee:

Registration - 12pm
Start time - 2pm

2 out of 3 games
Double elimination

PLEASE! Everyone show up on time.

Return of Jennifer Love Hewitt? I’m down.

will it be on ps3?

Mostly XBOX. We may have a ps3 to use though.

I only have a ps3 fightstick DX whats up with JLH? She’s hot…

I heard she was at the last one and beasted on some people.

I’m sure there will be plenty of sticks there for you to borrow.

I will be in attendance again helping run the tournament =] Hope to see some new faces…

Okay, still gonna bring my stick though >_>

If anything, I beasted on her and she got pretty salty afterwards. Too bad there weren’t any posted results from the last tournament :clown:

im salty at JLH for the quakecon tourney. i dont even like her music. shes done :annoy:


beasted = a game 3 round 3 victory apparently
if you saw jlh in her 3s days you would know the true definition of salty :clown:

everybody show up and buy some comics! this place is legit

I heard stories, I did get to taste the wrath of her in 3S this past weekend. She made me her bitch in that game :crybaby:

i beat JLH at quakecon with my scruby denjin ryu she’s a scrub and also half asleep i could of had my way with her xP

Lolol ghoul


Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaah those titties are calling me!!!

Uhh I guess Jan isn’t going to bother with a results thread lol, so, GG’S to everyone at the tourney!

Jennifer Love Hewitt (Midnight Comics)

Just saw this on Google 2 days ago. Was JLH physically at Midnight Comics?**** and if so,do you have photos/videos?

This store is based in my hometown,LOL!! I’d moved from Houston to California some time ago. And of course,JLH was born in Waco…nearby Houston.