Midnight Madness day 1 SSF4 Tourney at Gamestop


Hi All I am a Gamestop Store Manager of the Mechanicsville, Va location close to Richmond.
The address is 7384 Bell Creek Rd, Mechanicsville, Va 23111 and I’m right to the Kohl’s. We are hosting an opening tourney giving away a free copy of the game, a strategy guide and if enough people respond a MVC2 tournament edition fight stick. I am trying to coordinate with Capcom to start the tournament at 9 PM but if I can’t we will start at 12:00 sharp when the game releases. So you can buy your copy of SSF4, eat some pizza and drinks. Get some day 1 comp in person with a ton of top VA players. Casuals of TVC can go on also because we have a Wii interactive as well. Here’s the details.

Single elimination 2 out of 3 matches. Any pause will forfeit the round. All games will be played on both PS3 and XBOX with the championship rounds played on players discretion or a coin flip if two can not agree. All players allowed and absolutely no entree free. We will be giving away tons of prices with the top prices being a free copy of the game, strategy guide and hopefully a fight stick. The top 3 will win the big prizes but I will have some give aways for everyone. This is a chance for new players to meet veterans and to have a good time with some good competion. Looks like it is time to oil up!!!


Please post comments and suggestions.

If you plan on coming and want to pre-order your game to pick up at Midnight madness you can come to the store or go to gamestop.com to pick up at my store.


any chance one of [media=youtube]ujJ9zsuH6Wg"[/media] will be a prize?