Midnight Release of SSFIV in MD/DC/VA area?


ok so Super Street Fighter IV releases on April 27th, does anyone know if any places are doing a midnight release at gamestop/ebgames for example in the MD/DC/VA area?


yay. another MD/VA/DC thread

you could you know, call Gamestop like i did in the past and ask them for all the places doing a midnight release

But if you’re looking to play, i bet Press is holding some midnight release thing at Xanadu Games


yea I asked a manager at Gamestop in Marley station which is in Glen Burnie the other day about a midnight release and he said that the stores around there aren’t doing one because of the lack of popularity! I was like wtf, “lack of” lol riiight … he just said that they need at least like 100 pre orders to do a mid night release
but thanks Zerp


this thread is relevant to my interests… If iNerd gets it early I’m willing to drive him up to xanadu to spread the good shit with everyone else, otherwise I need to look for a place to get it at midnight.


or ask the guy who works at a gamestop to hook you up



protoman is too much of an uncle tom to hook a brother up like that… :expressionless:



Korean Uncle Tom = Sam Chon Paik.

Well I’m getting it at the NoN-Jon store. Is Xan-a-doing a midnight event? Who in VA is doing something that night?


Moose is a gamestop manager, and doing a midnight release in Richmond.

Tournament for a free copy of the game too.


I see. If only there was a way to transfer my pre-order from the Columbia Gamestop to the one in your area.


dammmm richmond is a lil too far for me, but thats cool good info