Midscreen combo with 2 Rocket Uppercuts Supers (all hits connect)

Hi, i was wondering if anybody else has seen or done this combo before. I was playing somebody a few weeks ago at the arcade, he was using Ryu and I was using Dudley. I had 2 meters, and had SAII (Rocket Uppercut) like i usually do. He missed a uppercut midscreen, so when he landed , i decided to sweep him with the low Roundhouse sweep, then I did jab machine gun blow so it juggled him again.
then…this is where it got interesting…I did half circle forward+ forward so i could dash to get closer, and i cancelled the dash into the Rocket Uppercut super, (Without cancelling into the ground uppercut with a kick/standing punch with fierce). all the hits connected on the super…then , when i landed, i noticed he was still in the air, so I just did the super again, and this time i did the Super going in the other direction( the first part of the combo was going right, the 2nd part was going left). this time, too, all the hits connected from the uppercut super. all in all it was like almost 30 hits. but most of all it was cool cuz it was 2 supers midscreen , with all the hits connecting and going in 2 directions. has anybody done or seen this? and does it work on anybody besides the shotos, if you have seen someone else do it?

I don’t know about landing all the hits from the initial super, but yeah, you can connect 2 sa1’s.

sa2 is the rolling rape.

Not practical unless you’ll kill the guy.

If all 11 hits of rocket actually hit, there’s no way you’ll recover from the super animation before they land.

my bad, youre right ,SA2 isnt the rocket super, i meant to say SA 1. yeah, it didnt do much damage because the scaling, but it looked cool. so what youre saying is that the first hit of the first super has to miss in order for you to land before they do? because i did 2 supers, i just didnt count exactly how many hits connected, (it appeared like they all did) so im not sure.

Not that the first hit has to miss, it’s just that you have to connect the super when they’re pretty high up. (ie, you connect on the last hit of the first rep)

Doesn’t always work, sometimes the guy will bounce behind you

yeah i know what you mean, about how theyll bounce behind you. ive been trying to do the combo again and that keeps happening. the timing is tough.

2 x SA1’s

When you do those SA1’s that the first hit connects for 1 hit (at the top of the jumping uppercut) and you juggle for 2 more hits, you can usually follow up with another move or super… I can only do the 3 hit SA1 and then a full-connecting SA1in the corner though, not mid-screen. The best I can do at mid-screen is after a jab MGB, do the 3 hit super but then the follow up supers only connect on the first 2 hits before sending the opponent in the wrong direction.

One time I had an opponent cornered and as I was jumping in, they tried to jump-back attack of some kind, I used strong punch to knock them airbourne into the corner and reset with SA1 to air-juggle them… the opponent was high enough from the jumping strong that the super did the 3 hit juggle thing, so I did another super and it full-connected. But unless you follow it up with a rocket upper or connect with a full super, the damage isn’t good at all.

But if anyone finds a way to do a middle-screen double SA1, post it.