Midscreen Setups/Safejumps? AE 2012



Does anybody know any midscreen safejumps/setups?


-f.throw: dash, whiff.lp, HK demonflip palm.
-DF throw: backdash, j.hk/df palm
-sweep: walk forward 2/3 miniblocks, j.hk/j.mk.You basically need to kill 5 frames, so this one is the hardest to do.
-EX fb: roughly same as sweep
-hp shaku: roughly same as sweep.

For the last three you have to depend on muscle memory on how much time you have to kill before the jump. Safejumping 4 frame reversals can be difficult, so you need to practice those hard.


Please use the setups thread for this stuff.


Sorry My bad, How do you remove the thread? and thanks Rikudou