Midscreen Unblockable Question

cr. FP, EX Headbutt, cr. FP (one hit) XX aegis

Do you have to do the last cr. FP late and cancel the first hit into the Aegis, or can you do it normally (where the cr. FP would only hit once anyway) and cancel that to the Aegis?

thats a good trick, as a matter of fact i always forget to try that in matches, anyways, you have to cancel into aegis on a late c.fierce (after first hit), this gives you time to dash past your opponent and create the unblockable.

Here’s a common one but I hardly use it:

Crouching HP, EX Headbutt, LP Headbutt, LP Aegis.
MK Headbutt crossup then guardbreak.

Only thing ruins an unblockable setup is when your opponent does quick standing. This forces you to do high/low mixups.


My mid-screen unblockable…
cr.FP , EX Headbutt , cr.FPxxLP Aegis (I always just step forward and do the cr.FP so I’m unsure if it is technically the early or late hit but I know the only way to make it unblockable is to have them recover from the fall and land on their feet) then use the super at activation pause to pre-charge the forward should tackle you do just at the point of aegis appearing on screen . Then do toward+Forwrd kick for the quard break .

This set-up does not suffer from the possible safe fall escape thatr doing normal Headbutt allows .