Midsummer Nights Dream Ottawa Results!


CVS2 (12 peeps)

1st Freddyloco
2nd Heero
3rd jreinert13
4th pts one
5th ran-a-ku, Prez
7th arcadescrub, 1hitcombo
9th sandman, pla soldier, randomsuper_FTW, superassrider

3s (16 peeps)

1st Freddyloco
2nd Pts one
3rd 1hitcombo
4th heero
5th jreinert, arcadescrub
7th one and only, randomsuper_FTW
9th ran-a-ku, pla soldier, aznretro, johnpnp
13th imperial sport, superassrider, contra, pereira

ST (8 peeps)

1st Prez
2nd heero
3rd PLA soldier
4th Smokey
5th Pereira, freddyloco
7th boringryu, contra

MVC2 (9 peeps)

1st Smokey
2nd Payback
3rd Sandman
4th Arcade Kid
5th Thuy, Heero
7th magnetic hail, aznretro
9th contra

XvSF (8 peeps)

1st Randomsuper_FTW
2nd Martin
3rd 1hitcombo
4th Hung
5th jreinert13, LMX
7th aznretro, contra

:rolleyes: I guess they weren’t feeling THE PREZENCE in CvS2 this time :rolleyes:

:tup: Good shit to Freddyloco taking down two tournaments :tup:

See you all in a few days.

Dee, Jay, Steve and Traian good job holding it down…

Mtl crew thanks for coming down and gj taking top spots
PTS teach me akuma, and 3s for that matter…
Videos for 3s will posted within the few upcoming days on you tube

Top props to Roble (Ilavos) for helping and practically running 3s
Khiem for running shit
and everyone who brought shit, and made things happen


Thanks to everyone


for helping out.

I can’t wait for the jonpnp vs. phoun match. That shit was too funny.

i have to apologize for snapping out in front of everyone during my st match. it made me look pretty bad and i felt shitty for it afterwards. there’s no real excuse other than rage really and alex knows i wasn’t pissed at him and that i’m not a bad sportsman either.

so yeah, sorry for the disturbance. next time, nobody’s touching my stick, so that shouldn’t happen.

good shit to everyone i played in st. gotta work on my o sagat and on my guile.

The tourny was pretty fun to do

Thanks to the people who helped organize this event

Had a alot of fun matches especially my first 3s match with Akuma mirror match :rofl:

CVS2 was crazy good stuff Steve and J. Man I loved the hype that our matches generated —> SUCCESS!

It was cool chilling with the 3s peeps Ryad, Ehsan and the other guys, sorry I didn’t get all your names. :pleased:

It was really nice to see you Ahmed

This is tourney was too dope!!

CVS2 matches should have been recorded cause it was mad hype .

The match against Freddy in 3s was prob the best 2 games ever played. Even though i didnt win a round my execution + low parry was on point other than the end of the first game where i did random fierce uppercut which was weaksauce from my point.

I gotta thank Khiem, Ryad,Roble for running this.
Alsop the MTL crew for coming down. It was just mad dope. Especially the side bets.

Edit: Can u feel the rath of D-BLOCK?

like wise Phoun. it was a pleasure seeing you again.

but it was your very own MTLSF that lit the fuse and cause hype on those matches using the very word SUCCESS!

it was awesome seeing Freddy, Alex, Mark, Den, Veas…who am i kidding, practically everyone who showed up for this tournament, good times. hope to see you guys at T8.

but let me get this straight before i finish this post, you lost to johnpnp’s Akuma? i have got to see that mirror match one more time:lol:.

GG’s Phoun and Veasna. Got to play both of you twice in CvS2.
Those were some real intense matches: I couldn’t ask for any better except me winning them all.

Phoun beasted me in 3S…

Good shit Ottawa it was fun and all to come down for this tournament, btw I came back on sunday and partied like mad on Canada Day it was siiiiiiiick!

Videos of 3s have been posted, Enjoy