Midway Arcade Treasures 2

Ok…so the game is only “Xbox Live enabled” which means there’s no actual VS. play, but hell it’s still fun playing these great old games again, especially when you’re trying to beat some of the top player’s high scores. Has anyone else picked this up? Looking on the scoreboards, I’ve seen a few SRK’ers scores online…best I’ve gotten so far is 4th in normal Xybots.

Hell yeah I’ll be picking this up today. Ive been very excited about it since I first heard about it a few months back. Its bad to not include online play tho, that does suck. Eitherway Im still getting it!

Yes!!! I will beat DreamTR’s score in MK2

i got this game used and the shit is hokey as hell
for the MK2 game: the directional inputs are laggy as hell and the button inputs are rather unresponsive also

anybody else notice this
or is my game a crapface that should be returned

Depends on what you are using. If your using MagicBox or the SF:AC stick there is mad lag w/ both of them. Try using an Xbox controller and see if you get lag.

Don’t ask me why one game lags like hell w/ the MagicBox and other games don’t, but it does.

i got dreaded fist stick
he uses 1st party shit right?