Midway CPO Replacement

Hello I was thinking about buying a old Surf Planet Arcade game to convert into a MAME machine, I want to change out the CPO to one that has a two player Street Fighter setup. My carpentry skills are behind horrendous so i need to either get a old CPO off another game with a six button layout or pay someone to build me a control panel that will work.

Does anyone know where I could buy one?

Also anyone know where I can get art templates for this cab or know if MAMEmarqee will print out SF Champion edition art that would fit on a midway cab?

Or is it sacrilegious to put SF art on a midway cab? If so I may do Mortal Kombat 2 art with the Giant Raiden side panels.

Does anyone know of any other website/Forum that may be better suited for these questions?


Easier solution is to wait a bit for a Dynamo or SF cab to come around. You’ll find them just as cheap and you’ll have to do much less work to get the look you want.

Any tips on finding a cab?

Do you live near a big city? Craigslist is a good place to start

Your best bet is to try craigslist and look around at all the places you might be willing to go. The best deals are to be had there. If you try asking any sort of arcade operator, beware that the prices he will quote you will be ASTRONOMICALLY high.

Good quality dynamo cabs should set you back no more than $400 MAX, unless the game is really old or really rare ( in that case between 7-800 depending on the game and condition). Look for an old SF2 cab and use that as a starter.

If you need any more advice concerning arcade games, feel free to PM me anytime! It’s my specialty.

Yeah the guy selling this is from craigslist.

I live near Philly (in Delaware).

I can get the cab for $200 with monitor, no
control panel and stuff.

So yeah would that be a deal.

There’s a guy in Philly that sells MVS cabs, pretty good prices. I’ll check on it and get back to you.

$200 if the monitor is solid and has no issues isn’t a bad deal. Especially if there’s no water damage on the cab, and the paint job is in good shape.

But you might want to shop around, you don’t want to get it and realize you missed a great deal on something else.