Midway Officially a Part of Warner Bros


Taken from, as usual, www.TRMK.org

Its done and done.


MK1 was a good movie.

Pretty much everything else about MK sucks my balls.


shaokahn pops out “That’s all fools…”


MK v Looney Toons


Make it happen.


Cartoon violence with real implications.


Killer Instinct the Movie please!


MK1 still remains the best damn game-movie EVER! Also makes it on my favorite movies of all-time list.

As for the games, MK1 up to about MKtrilogy, were decent-good. The 3D ones were mostly crap except for Shaolin Monks which rocked.

The 2D MKs lose serious points though for that bitch-ass HARD cpu! WTF were they thinking honestly…the single player experience is a fucking nightmare!

It killed any desire i had to revisit the franchise a while back, and limits MK to pure nostalgia factor only.


Does this mean the MKvsDC DLC and patch are going to actually come along?


They should give MK the Batman Begins treatment i.e. Reboot it all and make it grimdark and grounded in reality. :V


MK1 the movie was a good movie in the really ultra campy way. Honestly any video game movie that tries to take itself seriously has completely missed the point of video game movies.

For instance, every SF movie.


Game flick or not, MK1 was just a really good action movie. Non-fans and even non-gamers alike still enjoyed it.

Proof that Paul Anderson once made GOOD movies.

SF movies just had lousy scripts & directors.


porky pig pops out “That’s all, folks!”


Animaniacs in Mortal Kombat 9?


put in the Pointman from F.E.A.R (and his crazy ghost mom) and I think we may be on to something

well this pretty much guarantees more MK vs DC


MK Announcer: Daffy Duck!


hm… this is a mixed bag of news… we’ll have to play it by ear…


It’s been steadily getting watered down for a while now.


MK vs DCU 2, here we come.


Shit is just not true!!!

Midway isnt a part of WB.