Midway should never make another 3d MK ever again


Some guy did all that in Mugen, he even editted the sprites to create all new moves and combos. if one guy can do all this on his own, then Midway would do even better since they have an entire dev team behind them. Hopefully MK 9 is in 2d like this. perhaps Ed Boon got wind of these videos and decided it would be better to go back to 2d and just edit everything into something kickass, than make sloppy, halfass 3d games. Look at that vid and tell me a 2d Mk done that way wouldn’t kick ass.

Edit: Holy shit, Bruce Lee style Liu Kang: [media=youtube]paswt71dy9Q&feature=channel[/media]

I cannot see this thread of yours getting a single negative response.

Good video is good and I totally agree, MK needs to go back to it’s roots, dammit.

considering midway filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy i dont think you have to worry about them making anything ever again

sadly I have a bad feeling the gameplay will still suck. I could tell something was fishy when the only development stuff I heard about MK 9 was Ed Boon saying how the game was gonna be rated mature, and the fatalities were so extreme that it made the devs sick to their stomach or something. So we could very well get a game with crappy gameplay with real over the top violent fatalities to try and whitewash how bad the game actually plays.

“Omfg, you can rip off guy’s testicles and force them down their throat, who cares if the gameplay sucks!”

It is no longer Midway, but WB something (I forgot the full name). But Ed Boon is continuing on with the MK Series and as the OP stated, I agreed that it should never touch the real of 3D ever again. The whole idea made MK sink to levels beyond my understanding (although Deception wasn’t too bad, but still). The character roster should be like Mortal Kombat Trilogy with new and old characters making appearances and both having new and old moves. Considering today’s technology and the fact that you’re using 2D, there should be no excuses for this not happening. You can’t blame it on “hard drive/disc space” limitations either.

Its MKP and was created by MKP team awhile ago (they still struggle for several last years to release the MKP 5.1)

Deception was the most broken out of all 3D MK’s, and possibly most broken game in history. The one that “wasn’t too bad” was MKDA, because it just had lack of options on highlevel play, while 3 next MK’s were broken in various ways.

So, I can throw more decent videos there

MKP 5.1 (by MKP team, which are all spanish speakers)

Goro vs Cage
Shao Kahn vs Sheeva (pay attention to the background here)
Kung Lao vs Ermac
Baraka vs Sheeva
Liu Kang vs Noob Saibot
Kintaro VS Liu Kang (again pay attention to the background)

MK:Bloodstorm (by brazilians; the project was canceled)

Channel - http://www.youtube.com/user/bruninholc

MK:Shinobi (by russians)

Cyrax vs Tara
Sektor vs Cyrax
Cyrax vs Sub-Zero
Tara vs Sektor
MK Shinobi - Rain alpha test

^ this is all done using MUGEN, and proves the point that it IS possible to make good and enjoyable MK game in 2D even nowadays

umk3 is the best mortal kombat. Now if this game had 3d graphics but still played EXACTLY like umk3, it would be the same game. It wouldn’t suck cause it was in 3d. Again, the graphics don’t make the game, the mechanics and philosophy of creating a game do.

3d graphics are by far cheaper to do these days. There is nothing wrong with 3d graphics, it all boils down to how well the game is designed and nothing more. Graphics in a fighting game are only aesthetics. Some of you guys get hung up on graphics so much its mind blowing. Who cares wtf the game looks like if the POS plays like ass. Good job on creating great graphics with a shitty engine that NO ONE will play. Inversely, people will play a great fighting game with mediocre graphics for 10-15+years, why is that? hmmm

ed boon got lucky with umk3, thats all. The rest of the franchise is utter trash and it was never good to begin with.

E Boon can’t comprehend that a fighting game is meant to be played competitively and eventually people are going to play it in tournaments. To do that the game has to have good gameplay which he doesn’t care for. Until he either gets fired or kicked off the Mortal Kombat staff . There will never be a good MK game again.

Well obviously it having 3d gfx isn’t the problem, it’s the fact that after UMK3, once the game went 3d, Boon fucked it all to Hell, and made it obvious he actually prefers it that way. I mean you know something is wrong when you check hardcore Mk fan forums when a new Mk game is gonna come out, and instead of any gameplay discussion, all the threads are guys slobbering on Scorpion’s dick, and trying to determine what his new outfit will look like.

Edit: Wasn’t there some thing where people pointed out really really bad, glaring glitches and easy ass fucking fullscreen infinites using Superman and shit to Ed Boon in MK vs DC, and he said something along the lines of “who cares” or something like that? About as funny as Itagaki’s response to a player wondering why DOA had fucked balance where Ryu Hayabusa could own Bass easily and Bass couldn’t do shit, and saying “Wrestlers can’t beat Ninjas” lmfao

Its not about 3d its about exactly what EL CHUPA NEGRO said, The fans want competitive gameplay which he isn’t giving.

Boon said that “all games have infinites” after MKD was released. Competitive MK players made several attempts to list glitches/problems of MKDA/MKD and point the ways to enhance the game, then deliver it to Boon. I think they even succeeded once, before MKA was released, and in MKA the team actually fixed some of the most outrageous MKD stuff (however they added Air Kombat that could be reset endless times via bug, for easy infinites)

There are few uber long threads on mortalkombatonline.com where people seriously discussed 3D MK problems, how to fix them, and what info they need to pass to Boon. Nowadays people just stopped caring because they found out Boon is bulletproof.

Graphics aren’t an issue anymore a decent budget can get you an unreal engine.

Wow, is Ed Boon 12 years old or something, lmfao

I believe Boon has the secret of eternal youth

On his twitter he has metioned being excited for SSFIV a few times.

That is interesting.

Do you think it’s at all possible that he has seen that a well made, competitive fighter can in fact be popular with the mass market and sell well, and will try to put a good, “going back to the roots” game system under the violence in MK9?

Really, taking a good, hard look at what the competition is doing is the best thing he could to to improve the franchise.

No Steve Wilkos no buy

steve wilkos should be in the mocap if they ever do digitized sprites again.