Midway's selling off Mortal Kombat!


Wow. Looks like MK vs DC’s sales didn’t help Midway one bit. They’re selling it off! (and apparently they fucked their ex employees.)

Yeah, it probably doesn’t mean we’re getting Street Fighter vs MK. Just because SNK did it, doesn’t mean Midway will.

But who do you think should buy the franchise?

literally or figuratively?

ea should buy it… they buy everything else right

Just saw this…Capcom should buy that shit up and give us SF vs MK.

Crazy. Maybe EA,Capcom,Snk Or Epic. Going To Be Interesting

Edit: Forgot Sega And Maybe Namco

If anyone finds this story on anything else than Kotaku please post it. I wouldn’t trust kotaku even if they told me my handle was Valaris.

It’s also featured on Joystiq.

Who the hell really wants the MK francise anymore? And what the hell is Midway gonna do once they’ve sold off their only culturally relevant IP? Might as well just close doors.

i drew this picture of one guy hes a ninja the other 10 colors are different guys

i want 4 million dollars for these ninjas

dumb asses, why the fuck would capcom bail out the shittiest francise in the history of fighters? not to mention the ugliest designs in a fighter, mk and its fighters aint worth a donkeys dick. fuck mk vs anything, especialy vs sf or capcom. that would be a bad thing, for capcom. thats like mercedes working with fiat on a car, shit aint happening.

A Japanese company that makes fighting games would never be stupid enough to buy Mortal Kombat.

I’m currently imagining a Guilty Gear style animu fighter MK. :razzy:

paging Arc… paging Arc…

MK headed down the wrong path after MK1. It could still be great if they gave us some original 2d stuff, or something similar to the new KOF 12. They lack originality if you ask me…

if not even EA Borg wont assimilate this piece of shit franchise, then it really is worthless

Capcom should not even touch this…seriously.

I do admit that Shaolin Monks was one of the best games in the series.

MK 1 & 2 were great games in the arcade. Just as fun as 20 versions of SF2 which I also loved. Then after MK 2 they just sucked. It’s called re-imagining a franchise. Ya know, a long forgotten franchise that nobody cared about and somebody has a bright idea to make it new and refreshing oh wait…that’s SFIV. In the right hands anything is possible.

Screw Mortal Kombat! What about Psi-Ops?!

Also, MK died when Ed thought he could make a game that looked like Tekken, SC or VF.

But, as for now, Midway isnt looking to sell MK.

We need a UMK3 or MK Trilogy HD Remix. Midway & Team MK owe for that epic let down known as MKT :confused:

I’d buy that for a dollar!

But I wouldn’t go much higher than that.

No, but seriously… I think it would be really interesting to se another companys take on MK. Midway hasn’t been doing it right in a long time.

:rofl::rofl::rofl: Kotaku does it again.