Midwest 3s Thread

Just post up anything about 3s u want. tactics,questions,anything. Cause I’m sick of pm’s. Just post that stuff here. Oh and…I am bomb


Professor Buckner -

Could you please explain to me how to properly execute Urien’s multiple “Crush” corner juggle using non-EX “Crushes”.

The most I can get are 2…:frowning:


Well sa1 is perfect if your fighting any character cause it sux them in if they missed a move. Necro sa1 fights Chun li very well too. Just try and keep a super so u can shock her when shes vulnerable. Keep meter with back and strong and back and forward. Electric Snake is his best super but I wouldn’t try using it cause its elite shit. Slam Dance is mad easy to use, has great range and it HURTS! Try and only use it when they are in the corner cause if they jump, u can launch them with back and fierce and then shock. Or if they might parry your back fierce,just shock as soon as they jump.:smiley:


Throw your fireball,charge back, press forward, back roundhouse tackle,forward, back mid kick tackle,keep holding back then press forward and short kick for your lil tackle,then end with jab headbunt or standing fierce.:smiley:

I hope this helps



how do i make it so i dont suck???

Well Yoo Young, all u gotta do is create a pattern with your character that your opponent gets use to…then when he figures out your pattern have something else ready for them. So basically just be able to change up your reppetetive shit when they they catch on to the same ol shit u keep doing.:lol:

But really though it works

Is Chun’s EX Lightning Kick useful?

Clear Sky

R U 4real? If so yeah anything can be useful if u know how to use it. I would use it on wake up but the regular one is just as good. Dont waste it though save ex for spinning bird kicks on wake up.

Clear Sky

Yes, it exists. Like on wake-up, mash on two kick buttons and you’ll see it. It should look like a very quick version of lightning kick but with a yellow flash.

It does more damage but the attack is too short IMO. I just wanted to ask someone here whose used it in battle.


Its Cam, it dosn’t let me logg in as BloodUrien all the time for some reason…anyway

This is about Yang fool,
U need to know what he can combo his ex mantis slashes off of.
standing or crouching jab,standing strong,ducking short…x2 if you have the timing. Ducking forward,close standing fierce,and if you have them in the corner u can do close standing forward to launch and then regular mantis slashes.

Dont try and rush so much, stay on defense and try to parry if they are standing up, if your not too certain on what move to parry just wait for an opening for low blah blah into mantis slashes. When they are grounded thats when its time to rush or cross up dive time. So already know wasup with that. Its a bitch to guess the right way to block when u only got a sec. Butch is living proof if this. (Alex)

A good hint is if your standing over them and your sick of doing forward and forward kick for overhead purposes do a hop punch.(leap attack) It can be comboed into standing short or ducking short ex mantis slashes if u did the hop punch at the right time. (early) Cause if u do get a successful forward and forward kick(overhead) u still dont get a guaranteed combo or nothing so thats why u try leap attacking some times.

Work with that with what u already know and u should come along fine.



** I was just in training mode trying to see what esle I can combo the matis slashes off of. Thanx again yea Butch is the truth when it comes to thinking quick in a tight situtation I learn alot about his style, and about Yang I wish I could play him today but w/this snow and all I dunno.

Are you and Stacy getting in some games in 3s I know she wanted to learn Yang better too. I love this game to much to quite. Hook it up w/the Dudley shit too. While ya at it Guru.

More people should come in here Midwest needs to come up too. Wish we had more 3s players**.
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Alright I’ll bite on this, god knows I need 3s help like something fierce.

Where do I start in taking Akuma to a higher level. I know the basics of just playing Shoto, basic combos and links to supers, and keepaway air fireballs. But the only semi-advanced thing I know is how to kara-demon (don’t know any of the good setups).

What are some more advanced tactics for Akuma and how do you properly pressure and rushdown without getting reversaled and rocked in the face.

The Only One I Can Think Of Is…

I know a setup like Crouching Forward Kick,Short Spin Kick,Standing Jab,Super Art 1 or 3 the only one I can think of.

I knew you could combo into SA’s off the bread and butter shoto combos from crouch forward or short, but I thought it wasn’t good to use Supers on crouching forward to hurricane combos because the damage gets scaled so bad. I’ve just been trying to to work with stuff like short short xx SA1 c. forward xx SA1 etc. I should go into traning mode and see what the damage is like though. Most of the time I just do c. forward, lk hurricane, into upper.

First of all Klaige, if you wanna be able to play 3s at a decent level, your gonna have to work on your execution. What u know about gaming from GGXX wont help you here. Why because 3s is not based on chain combos into one of your damaging special moves. You might have to pull a special move out of your ass right now in 3s without the move being accompanied by a gattling combo first ya know. Can you honestly say you can do a super motion or a srk on reaction? Not trying to dis man just sit and practice your motions in practice mode over and over again until that shit is so automatic your doing it with no effort. I’m saying this because I want you to truly become better thats all. All the Akuma strats in the world wont help you if you cant get the shit out that Simon or I tell you ya know. Also you have to learn to be undetectable when your getting your moves off. Top players can sense motions done by other players by their body language. ( if we are playing next 2 eachother) More on that later.

As for teaching you Akuma, I dont know how to do that because I take alot of risk with Akuma in order for me to win. My mind set is stay mobile with him,always stay moving for possible baiting. But its hard to stay mobile and safe. I read earlier u can karra Demon.:lol: I cant even do that in a match yet. I would work with the basics first fool.

Low mid kick into short hurricane,followed up by fierce srk. (note) You wanna catch people with the first frames of srk because thats where the move is most critical and u can score more damge like this.

(These setups all start after air fireball) An easy trap like patteren when an enemy is grounded is air fireball right before they get up, followed up by an over head (towards and strong)or followed by low mid kick into a roundhouse hurricane.
Or crouching shortx 2 super,or crouching short x2,dash in grab. Or crouching short x2 dash in leap attack. Or crouching mid kick followed up by his demon flip for coutless options…like let Akuma just flip and he will slide when he lands,or wait until hes about chess level to the opponent and press kick for a dive kick out of the flip. That is key when he lands from the flip because Akuma now can move instantly so u can reset your patteren, or change it up. Or try your Karra Demon setup from that flip setup.:lol:

Gou Hadou is his best super because its almost unparriable if used as an anti air tactic. His level max super where he hits the ground is great as a cheese setup or an anti air set up as well. I actually prefer this super over the Demon. But thats just me.

Try to control space with him by super jumping str8 up and throwing air fireballs on the way down where it may hit there feet. So they may have to jump at you. Then hit them with a fierce srk but make sure u do it so all 3 hits hit them just to make it a bit harder for them to parry. If they start parrying that baited 3 hit srk which alot of people wont but should put a standing jab or fierce out there when they jump and then do a 3 hit srk. Now they have 4 hits to parry! That really aint shit to parry to me but most people u encounter cant do it. If they start parrying that, its up to you to find more anti air setups on your own.:cool:

Last thing,
if you get to the point where you can start predicting an opponents jumping decision,say u know they might wanna jump away or srt8 up or at you…You can super jump towards them and quickly do a air hurricane out of your super jump. This is good because alot of the hits from the hurricane will hit and u land before they do so u can srk them with they are falling or standing jab them for a reset setup.

Happy Akuma playing to you

Don’t worry cam I know execution is a lot different for SF than GGXX. Truth be known I’ve cut more hours in fighting games on A3 than on Guilty so SF execution isn’t a problem for me. Doing wakeup uppers, quick anti air, or just executing a super isn’t too hard for me but I know you’ve only seen me play guilty so no offense taken on the execution adivce.

I didn’t mean that as I can Kara demon (I can in training in about 1 out of 10 tries… big whoop) just that it was one of the few advanced akuma tactics I know how to do as in what the method is.

So basic strats you’ve got for is controlling space with air fireballs, alright I tend to use them more on runaway so I’ll work on that. You also said to stay mobile. Do you mean mobile as in always being agressive, or just making sure you aren’t caught waiting for your opponent to make the move?

Thanks for the strats. Weather permitting I’ll put them to work this weekend.

The aggressive shit is that air fireball stuff I went into.
And if u dont always have them grounded u can do the same thing with a red fireball, wait until they start parrying it from afar and super jump at them with the air fireball strats.

I think u will come along fine.
Just try and put this stuff into your run away game.
And dont be a pussy about parrying stuff. You will never learn it until u try.


Hey Cam got a question. I saw the powerstirke vid and the last combo towards the end with urien got me thinking. I just tried it a few times but whats the proper way to partion charge the last part of it. Ya know where he made the unblockable with the CRUSH move after he went over them with the DESTROY move. Ill prob figure it out soon but if you get on soon it would be nice to know.


nice thread Cameron.

We had some good matches at 3s at my place last weekend. The problem I had was how to completely combo Yang’s SA3. I have watched vids on 25-33 hit combos for SA3,but I can’t seem to get the combos off all the way. You played against me when I was using Yang and SA3. I know it’s a good super art if used right. Any suggestions?

I’m not even sure I know what your talking about D. Is it anything like how you get on the other side of them with the headbutt and then you go for a grab and sometimes you get that crush u didn’t mean to do and it makes u look a lil cooler?

Heres one I think u can bust I learned from Shonen that DBA will probably kill me for exploiting. When your back is towards a corner, elbow them,then do a lil crush into fierce aegis,then dash back and do a roundhouse destroy, you should land right by them and u do a headbutt to get on the other side of them when they are on the ground. The trick to busting it is to get that charge partion off while time is stopped for the super. If u can get that let me know cause I have trouble with that charge after the super sometimes.