Midwest Challenge 4 official results

Good times to be had here with a higher than expected turnout here’s the results

Soul calibur 3(49 entrants)

  1. Russel “Neorussel” (Abyss, Setsuka) - Canada
  2. Vince “Inevitable” (Hwang) - Canada
  3. Rob “XCTU” (Lynette, Cass) - CHI

Guilty Gear Reload (45 entrants)

1st: Aka(Millia)-Stl
2nd: Kbnova(Zappa/anji)-Oh
3rd: Final Showdown(Ky/Chipp)-Mi

note: This was quite possibly the BEST guilty gear final between 2 US players EVER. 14 games total and a beyond insane comeback in final round by AKA made this one a tournament to remember. Massive props to AKA. also due to massive turnout for this game there was a pot bonus in this as well given by Amar Patel, owner of nickel city.

3rd strike (25 entrants)

1st: Simon Yoo (Ken/Dud)-Ne
2nd: Tony Defiliy (Ken/Necro)-Chi
3rd: adam “SHHHAAADDYY”(Mak)-Chi

Guilty Gear teams

1st: team “whatever the fuck jammar called it” (cue/jammar/Simon)
2nd: Team serious (Kbnova/Final Showdown/Ukyo Tachibana…fuck that sn…Quibatime)
3rd: Team Goon Cyrcle *Licks Fork Menacingly (ElvenShadow/Juicy G/AKA)

note: A big dissapointment. everyone suddenly got cold feet and didn’t want to enter. 6 teams had testicles big enough for the “challenge”.

Tekken 5.0 (25 entrants)

1st: Solus (Marduk/Ganryu)-Chi
2nd: Mateo (Steve/Marduk)-Wi
3rd: Antonio (Jack 5/Devil Jin)- Wi

Guilty Gear SLASH (12 entrants…everyone had either left, or got cold feet again)
1st: Cue(Eddie)-Ne
2nd: Jammar(Jam/Po)-Ne
3rd: Juicy G(Hos/Chipp)-Chi

Mvc2: (12 entrants…Madbooface is lame for dipping out right before the tourney started…)

1st: Juicy G (Rowtron/Santhrax)-Chi
2nd: Dereklearnslow(Santhrax)-Chi
3rd: Tony K (MST,SScable)-Chi

Thanks and shouts:

Special thanks to Rob(XCTU), Bozac and Jon(Solus) for running or help run the tournies.Dan for lending his TV and other supplies. Trey Phoenix for suplying(sic) the Extra Tekken and Ps2. Amar for letting me run this thing in the 1st place. all of the out of towners who came out and supported the Midwest . Kenji for the Chicken. See you guys in June for what will be sure to be one of the greatest mwc’s ever…


john, panda, and phil from IL/IN. john, nice matches between us (i was andrew from WI, the blue urien & light blue chun-li). i hope to see you at next MWC.

steve from St.Louis. lollers at the Alex beasting (but wtf was up with 1P stick?). good shit, sorry i couldn’t come on sunday, but i had to drive all over the frickin’ state of WI for random bullshit. we DEFINITELY need to play some 3S casuals @ next MWC. and FUCK those worn out sensors on DDR.

adam and tony from IL, thanks for the makoto + elena insight. it’s always nice for “higher” level players dropping some knowledge on the less fortunate. btw adam, Urien’s jump-in HK --> command overhead FOR LIFE!

this MWC was really fun (although 3S being out of commision for 1+ hours was weaksauce). peace.

I’ll post later…but GGs and all that jazz.

well besides the team tourny which as aj called the greatest collapse in video game history when my execution decided to be shitter then normal and cue decided to skull fuck our whole team… I had a ok time I guess heh.

Thanks to all the people that are cool. And of course a big fuck you to all the people that arent cool.

On a more personal attack wtf was up with that SC3 shit. Seriously I know tournies dont start on time, but why the fuck where they only playing on one TV at some point. SC3 is to good for a small TV? please come on…

Anyway if anyone cares ill be complaining in my emo live journal.

gg’s everyone =D i got owned up hella bad but it was still a pretty fun tourny…sry i couldnt go today but some shit came up…hope everyone that travelled had a good time too

49 Entrants for SC3? Wow, That’s damn good! Same for #R with 45.

Congrats to everyone. Wish I was there to see it for myself.

Happy to see Tony D did well in 3S. That guy is a madd man.

Stop making it seem like I didn’t want to compete. What’s lame is starting 2 hrs late as usual. But it’s to be expected. Besides you should be happy I didn’t stay, otherwise I would have taken your money!! GGs to all I played today. Sorry I couldn’t come any other days I have mad interviews and midterms this week! :looney:

how many people got DQ’d in 3s???

cuz 25 people X’s $10 = $250

70% of $250 is not $102. its $175…

i only heard of 2 people getting DQ’d…

mwc is notorious for not giving out the right amount of money… i done told you =(.

Kof forever it would seem

Simon: when you get on aim talk to me…I gotta tell you something.

Great toiney, everyone.

Those sticks on Slash were weird, though. Everyone I talked to said they had trouble getting db…?

Probably the arcades portion of the entry fee.

I had a REALLY good time even though I didn’t spend a lot of the day there on Saturday. I went to the hip to play DR instead hah.

Thanks to everyone that was involved with putting this together.

Oh yeah please change MWC in June to 5.0 if it’s not going to be DR it should be 5.0. The STL players aren’t coming back then because it’s 5.1. :frowning:

Good shit to all my MidBest brothas, it’s always a pleasure hanging out with you guys!

Still very sad that David skull fucked the entire Team Too Sexy/Team Low Tier/Team Serious team. :frowning: Also very sad about how Simon kept nailing 2K for free, when in the beginning, I always ran under HS fish, then 5K for a CH -> Summon. I guess I ran out of gas and wasn’t hitting 5K on time. :stuck_out_tongue: Good games to everyone though!

good job us!

To hell with perfect shitsixties. It would not register a jump 3/4 of the time for me. What a dissapointment for me. Not happy.

Thanks to alcohol for not peacing me out for another tourney.

Thanks to Clayton for putting me in losers in Ky vs Ky mirror match, and thanks to Simon for a great match and knocking me out.

No thanks to whichever asshole decided to get me sick. I hate you =(

who was orka?

uh i was the dizzy player with blue dress shirt

Hrm dont remember… oh well ill look out for you better next time I guess. I wanted a pic.

Oh yeah good shit to Tony and SHAAAADDY. Adam u aint never beat me in a 3s tourney for clarification. Mater of fact I havn’t played u in a 3s tourney. lol