50 entrants

1st- Juicy G (Hos/Sol)
2nd- ElvenShadow (Faust)
3rd- AKA (Milia)
4th- Blacksnake (Venom)
5th (tie)- Cue (Eddie/Sol), Keith (Sol)

GGXX Teams
13 teams

1st- Juicy G/Elvenshadow/Bob Washington
2nd- YooYoung/Cue/FlashMetroid
3rd- AKA/Forgotten Kazama/Klaige


1st- Juicy G (MSP/Matrix)
2nd- Tony K (MST)
3rd- Flashmetroid (MSS)


1st- Mateo (Marduk)
2nd- Antonio (Jack5/DJ)
3rd- shatrion (bob)


1st- FlashMetroid
2nd- Reddevilninja

28 entrants

1st- Juicy G (Ken)
2nd- Adam-SHAAAADY (Makoto/Necro/Ryu/Elena)
3rd- YooYoung (Ken/Dudley)
4th- John-Darmonde (Ibuki)
5th (tie)- PaRt2 (Ken/Dudley), ZAR (Ibuki)

Melty Blood Tourney A

1st- Andrew (NY) [Ciel]
2nd- Humbag (UIUC) [Warachia]
3rd- Jaison (KY) [Ciel]

Melty Blood Tourney B

1st- ZAR (NY) [Aoko]
2nd- Damien (Philly) [Ciel]
3rd- Jaime Austin [Nero/Warachia]

Post up any corrections/additions, I didn’t personally see a few of these. GGs to everyone, great show for the most part. Personal GGs to all the 3s players, great matches and play!

I used ryu and elena as well. :wgrin:

I believe the ranking for the winners for Tekken DR is a bit incorrect. Didn’t STLBadyboy place 4th or somthin’, while a hwoarong player placed 3rd? And are you sure STLBadboy used Lee? I’ve never seen him use that character.


good shit. did wong bail out at the last minute again?

Good stuff with Ibuki in top 5. Rep the shinobi. Yay Jamie! :tup: Where’s Flash in 3S?? No top 5??? :sad: Looks like I could learn something from him in CVS2. Wonder if he used Todo again.

If anyone can verify I’ll change it. Does anyone know for sure?

I believe he got screwed over by the weather, not a bail.

Shatrion talon got 3rd in DR, he’s a bob player. STLBADBOY got 5th I think? Not sure, he played Bryan I think.



Well I’m doing my drops now.

1st good looking out on a good tourney Chi town. It’s always poppin’ in Chi. It was mad fun seeing all my peeps again, Eric, Simon, Amar(spelling), Tony, Domingo, Geogre and all the new faces I meet at the tourney both the stevens, Jo, Stevens lil homie was a coo lil dude fo sho David (ryu player). Thanx to all those showing love fo sho. Gotta give it to Darmonde I’m gonna learn Ibuki so I can come up with a better strat for her. Good ish man your good dawg keep it flowin like fluid. On the real Mad props to my dawg Eric he put up a good ass fight. I loved every min of it. Tony going King Kong on niggas as always, made me boss up and play harder. Good Ish! Man I don’t even know, overall I wish I could re live it again it was mad fun. We having a tourney in the D. I’ll drop details a lil later in the furture, so keep ya eyes pilled it’s coming homie.


Good Shit to everyone in 3S. Can’t complain with Top 5 (Even if it was a Tie).



George (Juicy G) - Rep hard for Chicago! :tup: Thanks for all the motivation and help with everything. Good times this weekend.

Adam (SHAAAAA-TOO MANY A’S-DY) - Thanks for Everything, It is greatly appreciated. You’ve helped me out a tremendous amount.

John (Darmonde) - Always good to see you man. Very glad you came out for this tourney to tear shit up with buki. GG’s.

Simon (YooYoung) - Knocked me outta winners, Hey! Maybe it was the right side, Remember? :wink: I’ll be coming after you again soon. But GG’s to you. Nice to finally meet you.

Tony D (DeFly) - Thanks for the Advice. You’ve helped me out a A LOT. Appreciate it.

Domingo - Always a Pleasure! I don’t think we got to play eachother but it would’ve been one for the record books. :wink: We’ll play again soon.

Blizz (SATISFACTION!) - Nice meeting you man. Hopefully we can play again sometime in the near Future. And props to your boy with the crazy Oro.

Eric (Bob Washington) - All about that Execution man! :wink: Good shit this weekend, You never dissapoint me. Get at me again real soon.

Mike (Geronimo) - My Homie! It sucks what happened to you on Friday but just remember I always got you. Thanks for cursing me out and telling me that I need to Hit Confirm because now I know, That’s exactly what I need to do. :tup:

Marc (GLB) - I know you’ll probably read this! PLAY MORE 3S! If you ever need a sparing partner, Let me know. I’m just a few streets away from you. :wink:

Steven K (Dose/Mesi) - Glad you came out Compadre. I doubt you’ll read this but just in case you do, I wanted to mention you.

Tony K (Noise) - Glad to see you do well in Marvel. My brother (Harry Potter) says hi! haha. See you soon.

Andy (Capps Indigo) - Nice to finally meet you man. Saw you rockin’ the Melty Blood. Good shit! :tup: We’ll catch up sometime soon.

ZAR - Crazy Ibuki! Congrats on winning MB! :tup:

Flash Metroid - We played a few times in 3S but not too many. GG’s. Glad to finally put a face with the name.

Mike B? (Aegis Neglector) - GG’s to you man. Glad you made it out. That Urien of yours is pretty nice. Hopefully we can play again in the near future. Your buddy is up next.

James C (Humbag) - And definite GG’s to you. When we played eachother, It was a very tense matchup (on my side) so you know it was a really good match. That Dudley of yours is good shit so hopefully we can mirror match it up again sometime.

Mario (MightyMar) - Missed you on Sunday. I know you weren’t feeling good on Saturday so if you are under the weather, GET BETTER!!!

Roger (OmegaX) - Negative Rep for showing up late! But I guess you showed up to support so that has to count for something.

To everyone inbetween, I’m sure I’m missing a few of you guys but you aren’t forgotten. Just get at me and I’m sure I’ll remember you. MWC5 was good shit all weekend and if you couldn’t make it, Smack yo’self twice! :wink: Hope to see some of you at the next monthly.

Pete what happen?

no top five in GG singles

Good stuff tho in teams, and first in CVS2, yo you do better in that game compared to others, i think cvs2 is your second best game next to GG.

what happen in Marvel for this tourney?

how many entries were there?


damn my car broke down last thursday killed my attempts on the trip damn you broken cv joint!!!


Very nice tourney… was my first… Came all the way out from iowa…
(i was the ryu player)

GG to blizz and his crew… you guys were pimp, and anyone else that helped us xbox players along.

we already have sticks on order and plan to see you guys soon. the tournament was fun as hell.

GODDDAMN. chi-town ownage; its just to bad I wasn’t there to see it. I woke up

at 8:00 pm on sunday so it was a no go for me. For the Record, I was the half

Mexican half Puerto Rican dude from Aurora, IL playing SA II Alex the whole time.

Anyway shout out time.

First off good shit to Juicy G for taking almost all the tournies you deserve it.

Good shit to Tony “The king of the World” for taking second in Marvel.

Nice to see Tony DeFly after not playing him since last MWC.

Good shit to the chi-town GG crew Bozac, Prucha, Kyle, and Andy for wrecking that shit

good shit to the chi-town 3s crew tony DeFly, Adam, Domingo, John, and Jose for

wrecing that shit.

Sayid, nice to see you again. I will have VS by the time of EVO North so come on

down and bring Jeron with you.

To all the people I played casuals with in 3s good shit. Hope to see you guys

again real soon. Peace Out

Mario G

360s baby I was forced to play chun lol and 360s in marvel = GGPO for me

and yeah I used todo

Fun games everyone.

CvS2 was fun and FlashMetroid and Reddevilninja you guys are really good. From Todo waves to “Detriot” Raiden the diversity of teams in the tourney was different from the usual usual usual and three people using Chang in casuals was just too good :lol:

Thanks JuicyG for running things and still running cvs2 with the low turnout for the game.

Mario: I’ll make a deal, if you enter cvs2 at Wilson’s tournament then I’ll enter 3s. Deal?

Did the ST tourney get canned? :confused:

Unfortunately yes, I figured the tourney would be on sunday but the cabinet was moved… lots of free HF casual but no ST goodness.:sad:

just in case anyone is curious, here are the characters ppl used for the melty tournies. John, if you’d like to edit the first post feel free (thx).

Melty Blood Tourney A

1st- Andrew (NY) [Ciel]
2nd- Humbag (UIUC) [Warachia]
3rd- Jaison (KY) [Ciel]

Melty Blood Tourney B

1st- ZAR (NY) [Aoko]
2nd- Damien (NY) [Ciel]
3rd- Jaime Austin [Nero/Warachia]