MidWest Challenge Results

CvS2 -25 participants.

1st: George Fed(chi)-"juicy G"

2nd: Julian Custard(Mi) Yamazaki,Vega,Gat-C

3rd: T.K.K (Mi)
3s- 24 participants.

1st: Jammar Lewis (NE)-"Jarrmarvaleous"

2nd: Simon Young(NE)-"YooYoung"

3rd: George Fed(Chi)- "JuicyKenwhoreG"

ST- 10 participants :frowning:

1st:Datrick Orr(NE)-"Dirty"

2nd: Norm ???(Chi)-dunno he from chicago but no one has ever seen him before.

3rd:Ari Weintraub(Chi)-"Floe"

MvC2-16 participants.

1st: Marc Ansay(Chi)-“Madbooface” a.k.a. the new K.O.C.

2nd: Juan Tolbert(Mi)-"VDO"
Rouge,Collasus,Ken :eek:

3rd: George Fed(Chi)-"Juicy G"
not sure of team.

GGXX-14 participants.

Ummmm Ari ran this tourney not so sure about the results.

CvS2 Chicago vs Detroit results:
Final Score: Detroit 13 Chicago 10

3s Chicago vs Omaha results:
Final Score: Omaha 12 Chicago 13

Yea Id have to say this was a great tourney. Was lots of fun meeting up with michigan, MO, and I can’t for get my homies from NE. Thanks for everyone who showed up. Also id like to say fuck you to all the chicago people who didn’t show up. Was really fun and great to see midwest heads getting together and giving it what they got. This was a success and this will be an anual event so lets make the next one even bigger. I hope we can all get together again and keep something like this up as the midwest really needs to get together.

But yea thanks again for everyone who showed up. Also the next tourney im throwing will most likely be around spring break and will have a cash pot of 500$ to the winner. But ill post more details as I get more solid info together. PEACE.


Good job to Jamarr & Simon! you guys are nearly unstoppable when you travel out of state! :cough:texas:cough::stuck_out_tongue: good job Mario on getting 4th & Datrick taking 1st in ST!

good job to chi-town on 5on5! you guys always give Ne a run for our money.

lets do that 5on5 again, next time on our turf! :stuck_out_tongue:

We just stopped playing after whoever got to 13 or I just didn’t care to look anymore because i was tired. Datrick was tied for 5th with ummm i dunno Jamarr has the brackets so tell him to post the full results :), and Mario got 4th.

VDO is my hero. All my respect goes out to him. I can see why mvc2 is gay at times because clearly he was the better player today and did not win because you can just runaway all day. Weak…I shoulda let George get revenge and do the dirty work. Let me say that i’ve played edma’s, random black dude at evo’s, and VDO’s rogues…and VDO’s comes out on top, his shit just rapes sentinel. Good shit Juan!

Anways it was fun meeting both Detroit and Nebraska and getting owned in their respective games. I almost had Datrick at one point…that is until he got a perfect on me haha! Also gotta give a shoutout to some of the new ppl I met, half-warez and Missouri guy (sorry I forget your name). You guys surprised me with your skill! Thanks for coming, hope to see you soon, and keep it up.

Everyone talking and shit saying i’m the new KoC…you fools need to get yo head checked. Look at the results…George Fed, 1st in CvS2 (good shit, never doubted you for a second), 3rd in 3s - a game he’s only recently been playing, and 3rd in mvc2. King of Chicago…Who run it!!! Even look at Ari, the OG KoC…he doesn’t even play and he’ll still place high. OG KoC…Who run it!!!

Finally, a big FUCK DOMINGO goes out to running this tournament! thanks!

Much props to Marc and George for ownin up basically every game…:smiley:

Anyone know the XX results?

Thanks Saif…Good job on qualifying at SBO! You’re crazy at that game from what I hear.

I think GGXX results were Floe’s friend 1st, then 2nd Floe…It was on console on a jumbo screen. But we’re getting the real thing soon so maybe chicago can catch up on that game too.

whats up fools. it was chill gettin to know the new peeps, especially detroit the one 3s player from missouri (josh). yo, we left friday nite at like 1 am and i ended up driving half the way, so i ended up wit no sleep. go to chicago at 9am, went to the arcade at 10am and was there til everybody left. so i was hella tired for the 5on5. but theres no way to get out of the block breaker that ari has wit chun li. youll be blocking, but then it just breaks your block and you die. finally gettin into cvs2, i think i did aite considering its the first time i actually tried to play it. good shit to steve and mario for gettin 4th and 6th. the one thing i was pissed about was not bein able to play TKK in 3s. shit, if i woulda known that he was gonna lose in da first round i would of rigged it so i woulda played him in da first round and not the second. hehe o wellz.

im out

simon yoo

Actually I came in third place!!! remember?!? you gave me the 10 percent!!! VDO came in fourth

Eduardo, Roberto, Derek, Joel, and I didn’t go…That is really fucked up.

Good shit to Marc and George!!

OK people, I think we missed one of the biggest highlights in the tourney, Gorge got PERFECTED by ARI in MvC2

Now the 3rd Strike Results suggests that the faceoff was 5 on 5 for a total of 25 matches. However, the CvS2 matches is only 23; that’s uneven…what happened here?

Other than that, glad to see everyone had a good time. Wish I was there, especially considering the circumstances. I’ll try to show next time.

Hold on we had steve on our team and chicago only won by 5? Damn i say thats a moral victory for Omaha:)


i dont know y i named my reply haha…oh well…but congradulations all…it was real cool seeing you fools again…and meeting the new ppl…god one of the hardest moments was julian (detroit) “OH HELL NAW HELL NAW”…:lol:…some of you fools no what im talking about…but anyways…on the real…D that was fun as hell…were gonna have to run the 5on5 back…good shit everyone…george…im gonna beat your ass…dont worry :lol:…anyways ppl…im out…thanks for the tournament and the good times…god!!!..memories…:stuck_out_tongue:


Ya know both Jim and Tony Gave up 4 points for a total of 8 so whats your point? Damn at least give a little respect and not a cop out :stuck_out_tongue: :D.


yo shit was mad fun.I had a shit load of fun meeting and playing you guys.ALL of you are mad cool and has lots of skill(Mi in cvs2 and of course Ne in 3s).

of course domingo fucks shit up so here are the accurate results that ppl are complaining about:lol: .

GGxx results:


correct scrore in the Mi vs. chi score was 14-11.Vdo and Julian combine to win 9 of the last 10 games.

cvs2 results:


sergio:eduardo and roberto showed up.YOU OR JOEL DIDN’T:mad:.derek had a almost good excuse(ANSWER YOUR PHONE WHEN PPL CALL YOU MORON!)

jose:hey the game didn’t SAY perfect did it??I hit psylocke:p .

but yeah that shit was crazy fun espically the team tournies.I want to play that shit again.but peace out to the entire midwest fam.



yeuh I see these dayz I caint say shit witout tha otha man tryin ta steal it, Just tuh let u know

Okay, that makes more sense…

Man…So before Snake and VDO, the score was 5-10…and the 1st 3 reps from D-Town only took 5 points? Interesting.

Thanks for the corrections, Juicy G.

Edit: Yeah, LowDown was the original on that. Often imitated, never duplicated.

Complete GGXX Results -

1st - Harold “Kageh” Hess - Eddie, Testement
2nd - Ari “fLoE” Weintraub - I-no,Anji,Ky,Baiken
3rd - Jamarr Lewis (?) - Potemkin,Anji

eddie is uh… mean =( Harold won winners finals 3-2, then won finals 4-1

Nice to see jarmavelous pull out a 3rd place thank god were werent playing that game for nothing;) Congrats to Harry keeping the VF alive if more in soul than in practice:)

Sup, peeps. Had a good time. Watching high level capcom play is always entertaining.

Thanks to everyone who came out for ggxx. Fun times.