Midwest Evo Takeover thread

Feel free to post what games you’re entering, and what pool of death you’re planning to mash your way out of.

http://evo2k.com/?page_id=439 -check in here and find out your pool information.

Street Fighter IV: Pool 16
STHD: Pool 4

SF4: pool 11

Remix: pool 24

Street Fighter IV: Pool 3
Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix: Pool 8

Looks like I get to wake up nice and early Friday.

Street Fighter IV: Pool 19
Mahvel: Pool C

whee for no early mornings

Street Fighter IV: Pool 15
Street Fighter III: Third Strike (2v2 Teams): Pool D

Wakeup early for 3s wah

Pool 13 in SF4
Pool D in 3s.

James, looks like you’re playing 3s and 4 at the same time, or do you need to contact Mr. Wizard about that? I’m not sure how that works out.

Street Fighter IV: Semi-Finals
Marvel vs Capcom 2: Pool B
Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix: Pool 2

yo listening to the new podcast from gootecks atm, nigga busts up laughing when someone says that 5on5 might not be east vs west and that midwest could come in beasting. fuck that lets go ari, aka, antwan, joshfunk, and perfect sin! Midwest powah!!! :smiley:

Is Antwan still in it? I couldn’t find him on the reg check-in… according to official evo rules he should probably be banned, but that’s assuming some things are true…

I dont think hes going.

Itll probably be me or rex in the 5th spot.

That’s what people have been thinking. You’re really good Humbag, but I gotta go for Rex. Although, you gotta do better than you did against the pros at mwc, Rex…

Id love to be on the team, i did beat joshfunk, perfectsin, and aka all in tourny and then did it again in the team tourny only losing to ari/justin twice. But james is a good pick too.

heh thx benra, i been practicing this time on sdtv and with stick so i shouldnt be missing combos at evo(i hope)

Yeah I beat perfectsin and sabre plus that pretty good dictator from Tennessee in the tourny. Lost to Marn twice :frowning: .

Either one of us would be good for the team. I got to play the ps3 version on a sdtv tonight for a long long set.

Hopefully i busted the muscle memory into my hands for the ps3 version.

When are you cats flying in? We definitely need to meet up.

James/Adam- Do some damage in 3s!

sf4: pool 13

remix: pool 1 (I hope I get to play valle first round!)

can I get a shot on the team too if someone can’t make it? that’s if you need a wild animal IN there…lol

k add humbag and jjj to those i beat in tournys hehe :smokin:

and yeah grog hit me up, im gettin in thursday night and lookin to kicks it.
James- want to get drunk?

same here. add rex to the list of who I beat in tourney right after he got 3rd in mwc…:smokin::rolleyes::cybot:

Hey rex i beat you twice in that 3 on 3 team tourny we did at mwc sunday hehe =P

JJJ you only beat my rufus in that team tourny :slight_smile:

See everyone at EVO get hype!

REX we gettin our drank on.

need to know something to make a more educated decision

rex/humbag who did you each lose to in the singles…both people please

let crackas play for spots