Midwest Mango Madness in Milwaukee April 14th, 15th


The following is posted for those lazy to not go to the link provided above and/or for those who don’t have a TZ account to post there:

Wow Its been a long time, too long and thats why we’re here. Here we go again people PSC presents another Wisconsin tournament. Mango Madness.

Event: Midwest Mango Madness

Date: Friday April 14th and Saturday the 15th.

Place: Alladdin’s Castle 4200b s. 76th st. spring mall plaza Greenfield
Wisconsin 53220. (414-545-0170)

Times: all sign-ups will begin 1 hour before the tournament begins, if u have not signed up in person by the time your tournament has begun u will not be allowed to enter.

Friday: Tekken 5.0 1 p.m. (console)
MvC2 2p.m. (Arcade)
TTT 4p.m. (console)
3’s 4p.m. (console)

Saturday: Tekken DR 1p.m. (Arcade)
SC3 2p.m. (console)
Guilty Gear Reload 4p.m. (console)
Naruto Gekitou Ninja Taisen 4 3p.m (console)

Entree fees: (There will be a door fee of $3 to compinsate the manager as well as space for TV’s and all we need.

Fridays tournaments: Tekken 5.0 $10
MvC2 $5
TTT $5
3’s $5

Saturday: Tekken DR $10
SC3 $10
Guilty Gear ReLoad $10
Naruto Gekitou Ninja Taisen 4 $7 (1v1)/$5 (3v3)

Tournament Structure:
3’s will be first to 2 rounds best 2/3 matches double elim.
MvC2 will be best 2/3 matches. Double Elim.
Guilty will be first to 2 rounds best 2/3 matches. (OSINappy has rules)
Tekken 5.0 and DR will have POOL PLAY before dbl. elim. barckets
All Other Tournaments will be first to 3 rounds best of 2/3 matches. (Digimonemporer has rules for Naruto GNT4)

Prizes: 1st. 60% and a big bag of mangos
2nd. 25% and a bag with only 3 mangos
3rd. 15% and just 1 mango.

Hotel Info: motel 6

If anyone has any questions or if I left anything out just post it up and Ill be glad to answer anyones questions or suggestions. thanks for reading this and I hope alot of u can make it.

These are the new rules and dates for these games, this should be the final update March 17th.

thanks webs

Jose, read my post on zaibatsu. Peace.

We’ll be playing Garou and some other 2D casuals as well.

Accepting 3S money matches from anyone, up to $10 per challenge (too broke for these $100 challenges)…

DR and 5.0 have reversed days. DR is on Saturday and 5.0 is on Friday.

Bumped because I should’ve done this a couple days ago.

I’ll be there. With pants on. Or not.

Where you from, Maxlove?

Anyways…everyone from WI whore this out. Me and Mateo can’t do this shit alone.


Shalom, I edited the tournament format…so everyone please take a look!!!

How many people plan on showing up for marvel?? It would be nice to have atelast 10 ppl sign up for it…

Me and my buddy will be up there for 3s …

kool, thanks for makin it out. should be a good time.

Cool, noraj. 3S will be fun. I’m actually gonna practice this week cuz I really can’t get anything out of practicing 5.0 at this point.

Dan. Elena vs. Dudley. Beware of the “dark” match…

Elena Vs. Dudley sounds unpleasant to play and/or watch.

The Tekken tournies are gonna be retardedly awesome. I’m gonna try and record whatever I can so I can get it online.

This is applicable to everything.:tup:

Darkness Everybody.

To that guy who asked, I’m in southern WI, about 30 min from Racine and about 1 hr. from Chicago.

I’ll be entering 3rd Strike, but plan on losing horribly in the first round. I’m pretty much going to play some good casuals and get some experience. Hopefully there’s going to be space for casuals. I’ve never been to this place/tourney before, so I’d appreciate any extra info anyone can give me. What system is 3s on? PS2?

yes, 3S will be on PS2.

also, i will be bringing Garou, CFE, and CvS2 (all for PS2).

just for kicks.