Midwest results/ updates



1st ricky
2nd combofiend


1st ID
2nd ? chicago guy
3rd combofiend


i heard right now combofiend and ricky are playing in winners finals. some canadian guy is playing ed mah in losers. those are the 4 players left.


i heard that saif almost crashed a plane in the arcade


Chicago guy is either ElvenShadow or Juicy G.

And canadian guy is probably Ratio1BeatDown.

Hope that helps.

  • Geronimo

P.S. Who got 3rd and 4th in 3S?


sorry dont know

cvs2 results

1 ricky
2 combofiend
3 ed ma

mvc2 tomorrow


does dat mean r1beatdown a member of team STC came in 4th place???



Roger, Way to Rep Canada!!


Good job Roger.


told you roger would get top 5


Sauga Sticks!! :bluu:
he coulda got 3rd


since someone seems to be confused…

GGXX results

1st. ID- Sol/Johnny (cali)
2nd. ElvenShadow - Faust (chicago)
3rd. Combofiend - Bridget (cali)
4th. Fubarduck - Zappa/Slayer (texas)
5th. Lex Chongsuwat - Dizzy/Eddie (Chicago)
5th. Cracka J - Axl/Slayer (chicago)

after that point im not sure.

Good tourny guys, alot of intense matches, im glad everyone from out of state was able to make it out here for a great tourny. Hope to play you all again :slight_smile:


Just got home from Chicago…Went a little late, but for CvS2, the tournament itself was pretty good. Here are some CvS2 highlights that I noticed.

I’m going to trust GAYPEX by saying Ricky Ortiz won CvS2 followed by ComboFiend since I left in the losers bracket finals.

Ed Ma did come in 3rd, mostly using CGroove Yun, Yama…he’d mix in ChunLi with Kyo every now and then.

Roger did get 4th for those wondering. He’s pretty funny :lol:

And if anyone wants to know, Julian C from Detroit and Ryan (from Texas?) got 5th to round out the Top 5. Ryan lost to Roger in both brackets. Julian lost to Ed Ma in both brackets.

For Michigan people only, VDO played Ricky and lost to him and lost to Ryan soon after.

AVX lost to someone from Chicago, I think. He ran the losers a bit, only to lose to Floe.

I lost to Ryan off the bat, won a couple of matches, including using my CvS1 team of SGroove 1Vice/3PsychoBison, and barely lost to BloodUrien. Incredibly good match.

RedDevil lost his first match, won the next, and lost the following match. I wasn’t good on names from his opponents.

So for inquiring minds who want to know:
1st Ricky Ortiz
2nd Combofiend
3rd Ed Ma
4th Roger Williams
5th Ryan (not sure on his last name)
5th Julian Custard

For Michigan people:
5th Julian Custard
9th AVX
9th VDO
13th Judgment Day
17th RedDevilNinja

32-36 players total to my knowledge. There was some good diversity in CvS2, for once. The usuals were played, but it’s nice to see a change in the game. All grooves made an appearance in some way last night. Major props to NiggaD and the crew. They did a wonderful job maintaining things and bringing the gaming community together. See ya.

PS: Who recorded my match when on machine 1? I want a copy.

–Judgment Day


3rd EdMa-so cal
4th Flash G-Ny


Great tournament everyone. I had a lot of fun in the windy city! The arcade is pretty nice and the owner is cool as hell. I played a lot of good matches with players in every game, especially GGXX. Props to Mike (Elven Shadow) espec., your Faust got way better, I was very impressed.

Saif: My Slayer will beat you next time :stuck_out_tongue:

VDO: You were damn good at CVS2. Please dont hit me with any more level 3 Raiden grab supers =(

Roger W. (Ratio1Beatdown): we are both RC whores lolol

Domingo (Nigga_D): Extra special thanks for making this tournament possible for me to attend. I can’t be affording Chicago cabs and shit. w0rd

LB: let’s get married and have korean babies

Combofiend: Naruto 2nd ending song sux, and i’m stealing your Rcok also.

Ricky: My phone is cooler =)

Thanks to everyone for making this tourney possible and showing some hospitality to the south!



props ryan way to go.



1 juicy G
2 combofiend
3 ricky




Damn, George’s the man!

:frowning: to bad I couldn’t cheer’em on in person.

Anyways, good shit.

  • Geronimo

P.S. How did Marc “MadBooFace” Ansay do? Or Ed Ma, and/or VDO?



I saw a few people with cameras. Anyone get any vids yet?


Good Shit reppin the Chi. to everyone


GOOD SHIT to all the So. Cali homies straight represent!!!

Congratz on Combofiend,Edma and ID for holding shit down.

Combofiend: Quickly getting the skills back my brotha, NICE!

Edma: Dang top 3 in two games, you’re movin on up like the Jeffersons foo!!! :lol:

Saif: YO! sorry i wasn’t there to represent the ID shirt homie, i’ll hold it down when you dominate another FF tourney hehe.

Good shit guyz…wish i was there with you all.

J- Cole! :cool:


Team tourny results

GGXX team tourny Chicago vs Omaha

Chicago wins 15 to 10

GGXX team tourny 2
Midwest team vs West Coast team

Midwest wins 13 to 12

3s Team tourny
Chicago vs Omaha

Omaha won, im not sure what the score was

George: Huge congrats one winning marvel, sorry I left before you won, I kinda regret not seeing it now.

ID (saif): Wow dude… you really showed that you know GGXX inside out. You seem to be able to kick ass with just about any character. It was great playing you, I wish i played a little better in the finals, I guess I must have pissed you off when I beat you earlier in the tourny, cuz you were beasting heheh.

Ryan (fubarduck): Great Zappa as ussual. I’m still surprised I beat you, you have so many crazy tricks with Zappa, I thought you had me but somehow I managed to make a come back. Glad you decided to come, too bad no one else from texas could make it.

Combofiend: Wow dude, I didnt even know you played GGXX, your Bridget was a big surprise and a big challenge.

Romel (Chaotic Blue): Sucks that you left so early, I didnt even get to play you all weekend. hopefully next time. Hope things went well visiting your family.

Jason/Ed (…?/skuldnoshinpuu): Im glad you guys decided to come, it was cool hanging out again and seeing Kill bill and hanging with Roni and stuff. Too bad no one else from Ohio came. I look forward to seeing you guys again soon.