Midwest Tournament Idea (Wichita)

Hey guys,

I’ve been contemplating doing this for quite some time now. I really want to host a legit tournament for the midwest. It would of course have to be in Wichita, KS. Wichita has a decent fighting game scene and I’m positive that KC, OKC, etc would be able to provide some quality players as well.

CPhame and the other Wichita guys, is this something you would be interested in helping me organize? My thoughts were to get this rolling within the next month, but I wanted to feel out the interest level first.

If the interest is there, I have no problem organizing and getting the details setup.

Let me know what the Midwest thinks! (You can easily find me on irc @ quakenet channel #streetfighter4 or PM me on the PSN - illwill1979). Those of you that have my number can also just call/text.

people play sf4 in kansas? i’ve never heard of yall. no offense but i think you need a lil bit of credibility before hosting a big tourney.

Well, that’s the point. I want to build up credibility for the midwest in general. It doesn’t matter if it’s kansas or MO or OK. We are a joke to the fighting game community. Instead of putting our location down, why not work to help the midwest get more coverage and grow? There are some great players spread out around the KS, OK, MO area. I mean, no one in the midwest is really ‘known’. Maybe a few names here or there, but seriously…

Anyways, looking for more constructive feedback. I know I can get at least 20 people from Wichita in it. But it would be nice to have some folks come from KCMO and OKC or wherever. I already have the ability to stream the tournament and we would get some pretty good coverage, especially considering people don’t know much about the midwest.

illwill79 - I want to thank you for tuning in to the New Castle Fight Night stream. If you get a major running, let me know, and FADC and we will see if we can get out there to commentate the live stream for you.

No problem man. I am big into the gaming scene so I love participating in anyway I can. I’m working som details out with a local friend who has experience hosting tournies in the Wichita area. I’m actually going over to his house tonight to discuss more about the setup. If we could get some quality commentators such as yourself that would be icing on the cake. I think we are good to go on the live stream (will know for sure tonight), so it should be easy to include the commentary.

I’ll keep this thread updated with more information as it comes.

Thanks for the post bro.

I don’t think we’re a joke to the fighting game community. Just look at the Smash people – they have a larger following than everything else. There’s good players here, they just don’t go out to tournaments anymore.

Although, there is a big tournament coming out here in November…the details are sketchy, but I promise to put info on it in the Wichita thread as it becomes official. From what I’ve been told, they have Blockbuster as a sponsor, and potential prizes include a Madcatz TE fighting stick.

And Will, you need to come play with us sometime!

Awesome dude. I actually live about an hour away from Wichita and your tournament sounds amazing. what other games would you host aside from SF4? I have a Wii with Tatsunoko vs Capcom if that would contribute and I also think hosting Blazblue would add to that.

Because you dont matter if you haven’t placed well in a major, or arent from a known gaming community. :nono:

I’m sure if it was a large enough tournament with enough guaranteed entries, people would come to town. One of the largest tournies I ever went to was in manhattan ks. For tekken tho. I’m not saying you would ever get to have a yearly, but it could be good size. When I was playing TTT one of the biggest tournies was in CEDAR RAPIDS…so yeah.

stl is coming from a valid point, in that they’re close to chicago and have a large group of decent players

lol dont listen to aks, he doesnt even go to tournys :arazz:

2 choices for big tourneys to have a big turnout - established cred or big cash payouts. The only place in the midwest that has the former is Chicago, NE used to too. On the other hand there seem to be a higher percentage of players with good jobs or money than there used to be, so the latter is easier to make happen.

i dunno man… Kansas is kinda far from me… but i have no doubt that you could get a nice high profile tourney up and going tho… tell ya what… if you can get a nice venue, with a fair amount fo skilled competitors, and a good date, then me and my part of the Indy crew will try our damndest to make an appearance

… but ya gotta know man, pulling off any tournament of any size will take a harsh level of dedication and work… but if the whole deal pops off and goes primetime then it’ll be an investment that’ll payback a nice chunk of it’s effort… you’ve got my support man so try and do a hail mary play and i’ll try and win it… heh

As long as there’s some decent chow near the venue, I would be down. If you want top players to come and laugh at all of us, you’ll have to throw down a big-ass pot, and maybe some hookers.

LOL @ the hookers idea!

Thanks for the responses guys. I spoke with some local guys tonight and we ARE going to do this. I don’t want to start giving any details as they will likely change from day to day until things are set in stone. Someone did ask about other games, and I can assure you, it won’t just be sf4. It’ll likely be SF4, Tekken (likely 5), SSBB, Blaz and SC4.

I’ve spoke with some guys that are interested in commentating the tourney over live stream, thus upping the exposure. Details like the pot, entry fee, date, etc etc are still being determined, but rest assured that we ARE going to be doing this, so stay tuned!

It’s probably time for me to finally buy an x-box.


Was that in relation to something that I missed? O.o

Peter, I was over at the dojo last night. Was there for about 4 hours flexing muh SF4 skeelz :P. I also had to bring my lili out of retirement to squash some hate :smiley:

I guess my point came off a bit harsh. I don’t think the midwest is bad, at all. I KNOW that there are some quality cats in these parts. I guess I was just thinking more along the lines of SF4, so I shouldn’t have said fighting games. But it’s true, the midwest’s showing for SF4 isn’t where it needs to be. And it’s not because we suck, it’s simply due to exposure. I just want to help bring the midwest to the lime light and show the coasts that we are just as competitive and can hang.

BTW, I’m probably going to head back out to the dojo Thurs to get some games in. Oh and I met Andy a while back at The Pub. His fiance and my fiance are acquaintences (they used to work together). I heard the name Phoung brought up a few times, and I’ve been wondering if it’s the same guy I knew from APAC a few years back. I think he spelled his name Phong though.

Peter, what do yall got going on tonight? Perhaps some sparring over at my house is in order? I only have SF4, Tekken DR and SSBB. Let me know.

You’ve been to Andy’s? Is that what you mean by dojo? I haven’t been over there lately because I’ve been running around alot lately, but if you’ve met Andy then you must know about us then. There’s a small group of us who hang out and play all kinds of games ranging from Vanguard Princess to Street Fighter IV. Phong goes by the name Gumbee here, and he’s the one who won our last SFIV tourney here (There’s a matchvid of him and Jude somewhere in the Wichita thread).

I don’t have plans tonight, but I can come by your place for some games if you like. I know Phong is busy, but I’ll try and call the other guys and see if they want to come along.


I know a few guys in Salina that’s willing to join in a tournament. Especially if SFIV and Blazblue is involved. Let me know illwill

We could also have a KOF XI match if you want. not sure about XII though. just suggestions

Peter I don’t think he means me. The Andy he’s talking about has a Fiance.