Midwest Tournament!

Algonquin, IL’s very own internet cafe, Ctrl + Alt + Delete (here on out known as CAD) is hosting a Guilty Gear XX ^Core / Street Fighter 3: Third Strike tournament.

Date - August 17, 2007

Time - 7PM for the fight night itself/ setup, gametime will start at 8 - 8:30 (both games will run simutaneously, being that there are 4 TV’s used [by default]. The amount of entrants per game will dictate the amount of tv’s used per game.)

Sign-Up - Post here, with your name and the game you will be competing in, I’ll record it and have everything ready the day of the tourney. (Yes, I AM RELIABLE!)

Entry Fee - $5 bucks for the game. There is a seperate $3 cover charge for the fight night itself.

Setup - You will be competing in a double elimination tournament style. You and your opponent will fight in a best 2 out of 3 MATCH/2 out of 3 ROUNDS PER MATCH format. The winner of the final will earn 80% of the total entry pool, while the runner up will earn 20%.

for more information on the venue itself, find the “Algonquin, IL C+A+D official thread” here in this section of the SRK forums. or the latest Chicago thread

Jose Delacruz "PaRT2
3rd Strike

I’m tentative on playing AC. I need work.

Frankie Gomez
3rd strike

-Frankie :cool:

P.S. Might need a ride home if I’m gunna go to this.

I also like to sign up my buddy, He should be attending with me. Some of you might remember him. He doesn’t post here but don’t sleep on this kid.

Steven K.
3rd Strike.

King Craska of PSQ




lol i might be around after work to watch and get some casual in. I’d donate to 3S but I get off work in Deerfield at 8:30 on Fridays =\

Antonio Ortiz
Street Fighter III 3rd strike.

Yosh “orka”

Accent Core
To Heart 2

How far is algonquin from st. louis? This date is a friday if im not mistaken…why? Also does anyone play anything besides 3s/gg? I would gladly come and enter 3s if i could get a few money matches in with someone in something like cvs2/marvel/super street fighter 2 turbo/hyper fighting/etc. So what do you guys think?

I could come for MK2. Bring the pwnage.

I’ll take MM’s for no more than $5 in ST and AC.


(I’m not confirmed on whether I’m going or not, so be prepared for a possible EPIC DITCH)

This thread isn’t about an STL tourney.

Damn, no one want to take my money? When I said “AC” I wasn’t talking about Act Cadenza.

I’ll take you up in ac chris. It will at least make the night a bit more interesting if not a lot of people turn out.

Count me in for both games, even though I’m still a total AC scruuuuub.

Rex0r…I knew you would say it was “got ya”. Good luck with Jax. I’ll just use Mileena. I could mirror-match too. I’ll even use Liu Kang and give you the advantage if you want :).

i’m changing my entry

Yosh “orka”

Accent Core
To Heart 2 X-Rated

also, accepting money matches in bulletball


both games

lolz dat madden. we should seriously run that shit, it would make my night.

don’t be clowning


ill be donating to whoever comes :sweat:.

pho- 3s, gg, mvc2

can somebody tell me some landmarks for where this place is at? dont really feel like getting lost.