Midwest XBL/PSN players database


Name: James
PSN: baldark86/cadiwonkis
Location: New Baden, IL
Fighting games: SSF4AE2012


Name: Ryan
XBL: Ryu Gosling
Location: Racine, WI
Fighting games: SSF4, Marvel, ST""


XBL: gammabolt17
Location: Milwaukee, WI
Fighting Games: Pick one.


Xbox GT: GrandpaHemlock
Location: Franklin, WI
Fighting Games: VF5FS, SFxT, MK, KOFXIII, and eventually USFIV
Other Games: Geometry Wars 2, tons of others!


Name: Bryan
XBL: iowana7ive
PSN: buraemon
Location: Cedar Rapids, Iowa
Fighting Games: SSF4AE, UMVC3, P4A, MVC2


Hey all, putting the info out there.

PSN: Markus_Arx
Location: Springfield, Missouri.
Fighting Games: BBCP, P4A, SSF4AE


Name: Dustin Shipley
PSN GT: Sensei033
Location: Lebanon, IN
Fighting Games: SF4,MVC, Skullgirls.
Other Games: COD


Name: Kris
Xbox Gamertag: BigKrisGotEm
Location: Bay City, Michigan
Fighting Games: SF4:AE, Mortal Kombat
Other Games: Halo 4

Pretty low level street fighter player, but not afraid to get my teeth kicked in for the sake of getting better, REALLY need to have more people to play with online so if you don’t mind playing someone below your level, or if you are like me and just want to become a better fighter please add me!


Name: Ethan Zogg
Location: Kansas City Missouri
Fighting games: USF4 and soon TTT2, 3sonline, KOFXIII and P4AU


Name: Alex
GT: IceyKnee
Location: Sun Prairie, WI
Games: USF4, SFXT, MK9


psn savagehulk
xbox savage hulk 2
playing any and almost all games no sports


Name: Marcus
GT: Slicktony95
PSNID: sirslicktony
Ostrander, MN
Fighting Games: USF4, MK9, KI, TR, SFII, SF15thAE
Other Games: Way too many to list

I have always loved fighting games but since I play so many other games and my focus is shifting from playing to developing, my skills have gotten a bit rusty. But if any of you guys ever need someone to play some matches with, I can do that.


Name: Daniel
Xbl: Crusty Hype
Psn: Crusty Hype
North Chicago, Il
Fighting games: guilty gear xrd persona 4 ultimax, ultra sf4, ttt2, soul caliber 5, kof 2002, sf3 third strike
Other games I play: way to many to list

I play on my system every now and then catch me on fightcade my name Teddiedriver


Name: Zach
PSN: Fomsky
Location: Fargo, ND
Fighting games: MKX, GG
Other: BF4


Name: Travis Wagoner
Xbox GT:N/A (not available)
PSN GT: Hottracer88
Location: Fulton, MO
Fighting Games: Mortal Kombat X
Other Games: Long Time Gamer play lots of games.


Name: Mike
Xbox GT: Force Mount
Location: Saint Paul, Minnesota
Fighting Games: MVC2 UMVC3
Other Games: Gears of war 1 & 3


Name: Shiraz Bhatti
PSN: Skyrleika
Location: Chicago, IL
Fighting Games: USFIV
Other Games: LittleBigPlanet 1 and 2


Name: Arnel “Arneezy” Canedo
PSN: arneezy619
Location: Rantoul, IL
Fighting Games: USF4, SF5, Tekken
Other Games: Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy, etc.


Name: Nathan
PC: ChaplinX
Location: Kansas
Games: SFV


PSN: Slayhawk84
CFN: nocombosnograbs

Appleton, WI
Solid connection, usually around 30Mb down, 2.5Mb up.
Usually on between 9:00 and 1:00, both AM and PM.

For friend requests put “SRK” in the message please.