Might be a silly question

I recently bought an old tv and a ps2 after I got my stick modded and I was wondering, considering that all PAL releases run at 50hz, will it mess with the gameplay, like miss out frames?

Come man, don’t be like that :slight_smile:

PAL games run slower than NTSC, but on the plus side we get no hassle RGB (which is boom). The stick has no affect on the game itself, that’s just down to the console, so if you’re used to playing games at 60Hz then obviously you’ll need to adjust your brain a bit. Christ, look at how bad PAL Tekken is…

But there are ways to fix this, like putting games on a HDD, or modding your PS2.

Oh yeah, and the more recent PAL PS2 games have a 60Hz mode option on boot up, so as long as your TV can handle it, then cool.

I have a question for Europeans on PAL. With HDTVs does this NTSC vs PAL 50hz problem go away? You folks have the same HDTV technology standard now right?

Yep, and about time too.

Haha, you’re the last person I expected to reply in this forum. I’d like to mod it but you mentioned something about the MC cthulhu not working if I do…

Well, Neo Empire’s down for an upgrade at the moment so I’m stuck loitering around here for a while.

Dude, it’s been sorted now after Toodles’ last update couple days ago. So we should be able to test your stick out on Sun, innit? I’ve updated your Cthulhu firmware already…