Might be buying a Blast City cab. Can I get some advice please?

Hey guys I found someone selling a Blast city cab. The kind with with Sega Bass fishing. It in pretty good shape except the monitor is out. No PCB either. He wants $150 for it. Is this a decent deal given the condition of the cab? I really want to get this. Can any one tell me how much troulble it would be to replace the monitor and controll panel? Would it be easy to do if I had no experince with this kind of stuff? Also how much do you guys think it would cost me to get this up and running? Any help would greatly appreciated.

Ok Ive done this before so heres the deal

  1. your going to have to buy a jvs harness and take out that big ass model 3 board. You can buy one at coinop for 50 bucks. http://www.coinopexpress.com/products/parts/wiring/Wiring_Harness_JS_%26_JVS_For_HOT_CMG_3113.html

  2. a control panel this part is pretty straight forward and easy

  3. youll have to get a weiya chassis from some place maybe alva amusement or maybe someone on NEO-GEO.COM has one . you wont be able to get a nano one anywhere unless your are extremely lucky this is going to be the most expensive part to replace. Also check alvaamusements

I think the monitor in that cab is the pice de rsistance. Shame it doesn’t come with it. $150 seems like a good deal until you pile on the costs of a decent monitor, a replacement panel with buttons/sticks, harness, game etc. Still, not buying it seems wrong. Hit up arcadeotaku.com for info. Also hard–candy.com is a good resource. Good luck.

Don’t forget arcadeotaku.com.

Is the monitor missing or just not working? If it is not working, see if you have a TV repair shop around you, and check their prices first. A good tech should be able to fix your monitor with little issue, the problem will be finding one.

Are you planning on running arcade boards in it, or consoles?

Without a monitor or broken for that matter, the price seems a little high. If you have to replace the monitor it can mean big $$$ Just the shipping for a monitor is expensive.

Wow thanks for the fast reply guys. But I was a little off with my information. I’ve been emailing this guy back and forth on the cab for a while now. The monitor is included, when I said out I meant not working. Sorry for for the confusion. And he said he wanted to keep the PCB. Which isnt a big deal to me condsidering the game is not my cup of tea. But the guy told me the monitor just dosn’t turn on. He also said I could send chassis to place called All Good USA for repair for $75. Which I just found out a few mins ago from the last email I got from him. So Im guessing Ill be in the clear if I get that fixed. Sorry for all the confusion guys. Im just really pumped about getting this. Esp knowing that its just the chassis thats needs repaired and a panel swap. Speaking of which, how does that work? Is it done like quick connects? Oh and thanks for all the links and adivce guys it’s greatly appreciated.

I honestly don’t know yet. I would love to turn it into an MVS cab. Or maybe my dreamcast to it? I sure as heck don’t want to run emulators on it thats for sure. This is really new to me. So Im on the fence about that. But I was just told the chassis could be repaired for $75 at a placed called All Good USA.

seriously, wtf can’t i find good deals on cabs.