Mighty Warriors for the Arcade

i have the Jamma board for this game and play it on my Supergun so it has sparked my interest and curiosity. I cannot find ANY info on this game at all on the internet. The game runs fine but displays no company name nor year it was made when you strart it or play it. I have not beat it yet due to not having time maybe there will be a copywrite or something at the end showing what year it was made.

Seems to be a mystery on the net as well i finally found out the company name that made it “Electronic Devices” an italian based company that released severl arcade games in the late 80s and early 90s. The game has very detailed backgrounds similar to SNK titles where it rains and several times of the day transpire as well as some scenery changes in the same backgrounds. I cannot figure out any move other than the standard HADUKEN motion with strong slash.

This game almost seems unfinished but the control is very good and responsive similar to SF2. I wonder what the story behind this game is…

It is a mystery i have joined this website in hopes someone might know or might be able to help me find some info on it.

Could this be…The Polybius of 2D fighters?

well my game actually exists, here is gameplay footage


If anyone wants to help me write an FAQ/Discover the moves for this game i would appreciate the help.

I got Gamefaqs to add the game to theyre list since it was not there and have uploaded 19 screenshots that should be up by tommorow. I will probably write a review sometime down the line but first i would like the help from someone (since 2 heads are always better than one) to discover the special moves. The only one i have discovered is the standard “Haduken” motion projectile and all the characters seem to share it, there has to be more moves. Double tapping a direction causes them to jump forward and attack if you hit an attack button at the end… I also have done 2 moves by accident that i cannot find again.

So help is needed/requested.

Thanks in advance

That video you linked says that there is only two moves per character. Both are done the same way (fireball), but one happens when you have your weapon, and the other happens when you do not have your weapon.

Thats impossible because i have done a dragon punch looking move with my main character i use “Marcus” and the computer does several moves as well against me. Some characters seem to have more than 2 (not counting armed/unarmed)

Look at these images of the game and let me know what you guys think


The images show more than grainy Youtube footage.