Migrating from 3S to 4AE


Hey all, new to the forums just wanted to say hi and ask a quick question:

I’ve only really ever played 3S casually on Dreamcast (a while ago!) and just bought SF4AE in the steam sale. I was wondering whether there’s much knowledge-wise I can transfer over?

For example, I just read that moves in SF4 don’t have priority as in 3S. Does this mean play is almost entirely reaction based? I’m asking as I usually main Chun for her priority and damage.


Chun is top tier in 3S, bottom tier in AE, that basically sums up their differences. XD As a Chun player in 3S Ill be playing Poison in Ultra since she looks cool.

General rules in SF4 series is dont jump and the flows of matches are slower than 3S so you wont get obliterated in AE usually if one thing goes wrong.


hah good to know! Looks like i’ll be starting from scratch with Guile then. The sheer number of characters in 4AE is truly boggling right now.

Obviously jumping is not encouraged in any SF game, but in AE are jumps and air attacks much easier to punish?


Yeah, you can’t air parry in SF4.

Long time 3rd Strike player (Hugo/Sean/Chun/Yang) who recently picked up SF4 to get more involved in local FGC. I play on Steam. Add my tag: Ruyuchi and we shall have some games any time you want :slight_smile:


Don’t worry about it man, anyone who plays or starts on 3S going to AE will have a great time, AE is easy mode. You also have a whole hour to tech a throw and confirm your combos, have a good day sir. If you really are that loyal to Chun, play her a secondary, and just wait till she’s better in Ultra.


Thanks Emerald, i’ll add you next time i’m on :slight_smile: Also, does anyone know what’ll happen to GFWL friends? Will everyone have to be added again via Steam if GFWL gets canned?

My tag is turbolegs89 if anyone wants to play.


SF3 and SF4 Chun-Li are two completely different characters.

SF4 Chun-Li subforum to get you started, and in case you have any questions. http://forums.shoryuken.com/categories/29


Thanks a lot 4neqs, there are some great threads there, still finding my way around the forums.


Throws of course are done the same as 3S, the universal overhead (mp+mk) has been replaced by focus attacks, which can have a “sort of” parry effect, but is isnt as easy to use like 3S parrys. Taunts are the same but don’t serve much of a purpose for except Dudly. Super Combos are much less important, because it isn’t very often many characters will have a full super combo bar since EX moves are so good and FADC cost two meters. Ultra combos in 4 are used more like the Super Combos in 3S. To build free Ultra Meter in SF4 use focus attacks to absorb attacks and dash out of the Focus Attack before the attack comes out, instead of simply wiffing attacks to build meter in 3S.


SF4 has half the pace of 3S. so it will seem much easier to you.
also if you mastered the DC gamepad, better pads like an Xbox360 or Logitech will be a piece of cake.


I’m trying to get used to using focus attacks as parries but it’s not working out too well :\

Also, the speed difference is playing havoc with my execution. Doing the trials is helping, little by little.

I’m using a stick at the moment but I used to be a pad player on the DC. HC motions are proving difficult, not hitting the corners very accurately…but Chun is almost all charge now at least.


maybe not play chung at first. She isn’t as good now as she was in 3S. Play Cammy till she get whacked with the nerf bat in Ultra, then go back to chung.


Or… Or… He can stay loyal to his favorite character and play her now and get good with her then by the time Ultra buffs roll along, he’s unstoppable. O_O
Or at least play her secondary… Is that what you did with Yun?


I played Cammy a bit in SF2 but it’s a completely different style of play to Chun. Much more aggressive. Not sure if the same holds true for AE.

I would rather learn one character that i’m comfortable with so that I have an idea of relative strengths and weaknesses of my opponents before branching out into learning other characters. The roster for AE is just enormous.


I just got SSF4 on the steam sale too :smiley: add my tag: derukun or on steam my user is 27seoul.

inb4 warning for offtopic


Don’t let the size of the roster scare you. some different characters combos are sort of the same with just a minor tweak. If you can do cr.lp-cr.lp-cr.lp-cr.mk-fireball with ken, you can do cr.lp-cr.lp-cr.lp-cr.mp-criminal upper with cody since the timings are so close. Sf4 has evolved into a match-up heavy game that even low tier characters can have an incredible advantage over some characters that it is worth learning them. If you want to stay with Chun, see what her hard match-ups are and spend a little time learning the characters that give Chun’s bad match-ups trouble. I tried the whole character loyalty thing when I started out and my main was Juri. Drove 4 hours for a major, and did well my first match crushing a T. Hawk, then played two E. Hondas in a row. Haf I done the research on match-ups I would have known that honda beats Juri, and Sagat gives Honda trouble, so I would have had some practice time in with Sagat. Had my opponent known how free Hawk is to Juri may be he would have spent some time with Honda and not lost 4 straight rounds.


I think it makes sense to learn match-ups, that’s why the roster size scares me. I probably wouldn’t consider having another main character though, purely because that way it all comes down to character selection. There’s nothing I hate more than people messing around on the character select screen, just waiting to see who the other person will choose.


in most tournaments the winner has to keep your character, and the loser can choose a new one.


I tend to add everyone on Steam anyway so I don’t have to log in to GFWL just to see if anyone is playing.


I think the same thing will happen like with Bioshock 2. Those who bought the game outside Steam will be able to activate it with their existing keys. hopefully the DLC costumes as well, unless Capcom tries to pull some tricks again