Mika Match Up: I'm Kolin you out!

I’ll be updating the main post with any tips and vids posted below. Kolin is going to be a tough match up to face and is our first taste of what season 2 is really all about. Looks like she has plenty of tools to counter grapplers if we are not careful, but our oki game should still be strong against her. What are your thoughts? Any tips? Videos you’d like to share that are match up specific? Let us know what is troubling you most and what you have found to be a walk in the park!

So uh, this could be bad

it was confirmed to be fake by Alioune

So I finally got to battle lounge a Kolin for awhile and here is what I found out. This woman is crazy as fuck. And I mean that in the most endearing way. The gameplan against her is fairly simple but for weird reasons:

  1. Body Splash. Kolin doesn’t have /that/ many options against body splash and so the mix up comes down to neutral jump and body splash. It also gets to punish a lot of things and has a perfect meat into dash > lady mika on quick rise meaning she cannot ex parry it. 2. At full screen you can hype safely and if they finally decide to try and hit you your armor should absorb whatever and you can command throw (ex brimstone and up should work.) 3. Kolin has no real way to escape corner pressure that does damage nor does Kolin have good pressure over all. It is predictable enough that you can deal with it. 4. And probably the most interesting thing, if Kolin uses her sweep at a range where you won’t get hit by the first hit but will get hit by the second hit, you can wiff punish the first miss with command throw. This is a read, but that is part of what R.Mika is all about. 5. You do have mix ups in mid because drop kick counts as a high for Kolin’s parry’s. This means you have a high option without jumping. Obviously don’t throw it out all the time but if the opponent is nervous it might be a good thing to startle them with every now and then.

Let me know how any of this works out for you and I will add to the main post above once things have been discussed a little bit.

I wouldn’t recommend doing drop kick so much because her V-skill will beat both charged and uncharged versions.

Other than that the match up doesn’t seem so bad to me.

Yeah its a little circumstantial and dependent on the opponents style. But it counts as a ‘high’ hit and since Mika has no over head I wanted to make sure people knew about the possibility to mix up/shenanigan with it.

Against body splash Kolin the option to high parry, cr.hp, or air throw it. I believe mika will have a better option empty jumping as you have the chance to get a full combo off a whiffed counter.