Mika Matchup: Birdie



This series of threads is all about counter play. I will update the first post to always have the most relevant information of the entire thread, so please share what you know :slight_smile:

R.Mika Matchup: 'cus pro wrestling is... the very BEST!

Here’s a neat trick I discovered today.

Against Birdies that like to abuse Bull Revenger into meaty Bull Slider (df.HP), Mika can punish with wakeup f.VT. Mika will get counter-hit by Bull Slider but recover in time to follow up the V-Trigger hit with f.HP or charged st.HK into EX Wingless Airplane or EX Shooting Peach. Wakeup f.VT loses to “meaty” EX Bull Revenger, however, so Mika needs to be careful with this.