Mika Matchup: Chun-Li

This series of threads is all about counter play. I will update the first post to always have the most relevant information of the entire thread, so please share what you know :slight_smile:

This match is definitely a tough one for Mika.

Chun has enough good tools to keep our girl out.

If a Chun is solid at anti-air, you can use Mika’s body splash to counter Chun’s AA normals. Be careful though because if she doesn’t AA and blocks normally, body splash is highly punishable.

When Chun has no meter, she has no wake up so be aggressive until she has meter. Then be ready to bait her EX SBK.

I found a way to stuff EX SBK in the corner.

It requires a CC hard knockdown, for example C.HK on counter hit, then immediately whiff an LP Tornado Throw and do neutral jump with a deep HP.

Nothing to add. Just wanted to say my win percentage against Chun playing Mika was under 20%…

@Hero_Panda Hey I know you from Gamefaqs!

I also found that J+MP can stuff Chun’s S.LK at a certain range (about S.MK range).